One of the most anticipated new shows for the fall season has to be CW’s ‘Arrow’. Much like what ‘Smallville’ did for Superman, ‘Arrow’ will follow the exploits of young Oliver Queen just as he begins his reign as the Green Arrow.

Unlike other superheroes, Green Arrow doesn’t have any special powers but what he lacks in that department, he makes up with intelligence, physical agility and great abs! And his weapon of choice is the bow and arrow. Oh! Did I mention the abs?

The series has been said to be a more gritty and realistic version of the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell) who is described as a mix of ‘Batman’s’ millionaire Bruce Wayne, with the ingenuity of ‘Iron Man’s’ Tony Stark and the action skills of Jason Bourne. He becomes a “vigilante who is out to seek redemption.”

The newest trailer gives a glimpse of this new revision of the Green Arrow mythos focusing on the action portion of the series. While there have been a few trailers and promos already out on this series, this new TV spot has a lot of new footage to excite any superhero fan!

Much like ‘Smallville’, ‘Arrow’ will also be introducing quite a few DC comic characters into the series. It’s already been reported that China White, the Huntress, Deadshot, and Black Canary will be featured in the first season, but producer Andew Kreisberg has hinted that there will be Easter Eggs throughout the series that will give a glimpse of what other surprises we can expect.

Hopefully some of those Easter Eggs will include who ‘Torchwood’ star John Barrowman will play. According to Digital Spy, executive producer Greg Berlanti has hinted that this “pivotal” character will be someone comic fans will recognize and be excited when they find out who he is really playing.

In the meantime, check out the new preview then hit the comments below and let us know if you’re quivering with anticipation for the premiere of the series (or just because of the abs!):

‘Arrow’ – Justice Preview:

‘Arrow’ will air Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT on the CW network beginning October 10th.