(photo courtesy of FOX)

In less than a month, the final season of ‘Fringe’ will begin and FOX has unveiled a new promo for the series.

While the beginning of this promo is similar to one titled ‘Etta,’ with Peter and Olivia enjoying a quiet picnic together, it is the new footage of the capture and torture of Walter that has fans talking. Yes, the Observers are coming and they mean business! Obviously Walter has been in captivity for some time as the Observer notes, “You are fighting a lot more than I would’ve thought possible.”

This last season of ‘Fringe’ will take the team to the future where the war for humanity against the Observers will take place. The series will pick up where last season’s episode, ‘Letters in Transit’ left off in the year 2036 where the Observers have already enslaved humanity. If you haven’t seen that episode yet, make sure you watch it or read the recap before the series returns.

In the meantime, catch the new promo for Season 5 of ‘Fringe!’

‘Fringe’ Promo #3:

‘Fringe’ returns for a final 13 epsisode run beginning Friday, September 28, at 9PM ET/PT on FOX.

Source: THR