20th Century Fox has added another sci-fi film onto their development plate as THR has announced that the studio has picked up the project called ‘Para Time’ to develop into a feature film.

The studio is keeping the plot details under wraps but what is known about ‘Para Time’ is that it “revolves around a group that polices parallel worlds.”

The project is from the mind of Matthew Graham, the same person who wrote and co-created the BBC series ‘Life on Mars.’ He also worked on the U.S. version of the series that aired on ABC for one season. Graham has an extensive writing career in the world of television writing for shows in the UK such as ‘East Enders,’ ‘Eternal Law’ and ‘Doctor Who’ (‘The Almost People,’ ‘The Rebel Flesh,’ and ‘Fear Her’). Besides ‘Life on Mars,’ Graham co-created ‘Ashes to Ashes,’ Bonekickers,’ ‘Pow’ and ‘Eternal Law.’

Steve Tzirlin, a former Lucas film exec, will be on board as producer. Tzirlin was the head of Story & Script Development for the animated series ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and is currently working with McG (‘Supernatural,’ ‘Chuck,’ ‘Terminator Salvation’) to develop a big screen adaptation of ‘Ruin,’ an eight minute animated short about a post-apocalyptic North American city that’s been overgrown by vegetation.

Since ‘Para Time’ is still early in its development stage, no word on a director, casting or release dates has been given, but once we find out more about this project, we’ll let you know!