The CW has released two new photos for their Fall fantasy drama series ‘Beauty and the Beast’ featuring their two stars, Kristen Kreuk and Jay Ryan.

The series is a reboot of the popular 1980’s CBS series of the same name but it looks like that may be the only thing the two shows will have in common. While the original Catherine was an investigator in the DA’s office, the new version is a tough New York City cop. More surprising is the role of Vincent. Ron Perlman had to endure quite a bit of make-up to simulate a beastly presence but in the updated version, it looks like the beast is within.

The two photos are very pleasing to look at but it seems to convey more ‘Beauty and the Beauty’ rather than ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ I guess the scar on his face is there to remind the viewer that he is not the pretty one.

If you’re getting disappointed that Ryan doesn’t look at all like a raging monster, he did reveal at Comic –Con that there will be a mix of makeup, CGI and prosthetics used on him that will gradually grow as the series progresses. His transformation into the beast will gradually become more intense as the chemicals that are the cause of this transformation begins to take over his body.

Check out the photos below and tell me if you think ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a show you’ll be watching this Fall season!

‘Beauty and the Beast’ will air Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT beginning October 11th.

Source: TV Line