For the first time in ‘Face Off’ history, the show’s panel of judges, which includes Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick, and season three newcomer Neville Page, won’t be the only ones adding their input and deciding who wins the popular movie makeup reality competition. Host McKenzie Westmore tells Blastr that America will vote to determine the winner of the third season and help launch one of the 12 new contestants into a career in special effects makeup.

The season three opener premieres tonight on SyFy with a special 90-minute episode that will feature ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Star Wars’. Sean Astin, who plays Samwise Gamgee in the ‘Rings’ trilogy, will join the panel as a guest judge. Then, the first challenge is ‘Star Wars’ themed. On what else we can expect in this upcoming season, Westmore had this to say:

“We have a lot of cool challenges this season. We start off with a bang [with] ‘Star Wars’. We have superheroes. We have dancing Chinese New Year dragons. We’ve teamed up with a charity, Kids Say Yes to the Arts. That was one of my personal favorites, where children, 7-year-olds, brought in sketches of monsters and teamed up with the contestants to bring their monsters to life. So there’s a good array this year.”

In addition to Astin, other guest judges that are lined up to appear on the show are Brian Grazer, Laila Ali, and Hall H hero Kevin Smith. Also to come later this season is a live Halloween episode.

‘Face Off’ airs every Tuesday night at 9:00pm.

Host McKenzie Westmore and the Season 3 Contestants of ‘Face Off’