While the thought of the two previously released teasers for ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ was just plain creepy, this third one could only be described as perplexing.

The series’ Facebook page unveiled another teaser but this time it involves a hydrobath with a zippered encasing. Apparently, in the 60’s, hydrobaths were used in the treatment of mental illnesses particularly schizophrenia and seizure disorders. The patient would be restrained in the bathtub covered up to their necks and bathed in warm water. In this case, the “body” is in a milky white substance and  obviously not well restrained. Of course the caption for the teaser is just as creepy: “Are you ready for the birth of the new horror? The Asylum is open.”

How does this tie in with the show and the other teasers? Your guess is as good as mine! Check out the third teaser below and let us know what you think of it all!

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ – Hydrobath Teaser:

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ premieres on the FX network in October.