There’s a lot packed in this week’s episodes as Pete and Myka head to find out the mysterious cause of a hockey players’ invulnerability, Steve and Artie track down artifacts stolen from the Warehouse and Mrs. Frederic has a sit down with Claudia to discuss her future with the team.


Myka and Claudia return from Japan after an artifact hunt to see Artie watching a hockey game. Myka tells Pete about her younger sister being pregnant but Pete thinks she’s more envious than happy with the news. Artie suggests they go artifact hunting as he got a ping from the hockey game from the night before. He shows them videotape where a hockey player breaks his arm. A flash of light appears where the break is located and then he’s all better. Not only is he all better, he’s more powerful as he checks an opponent and sends him flying toward the top of the glass partition. Artie sends Myka and Pete to Toronto to find the artifact before the hockey player kills someone.

As Pete and Myka leave, Artie hands Claudia an invitation from Mrs. Frederic to meet her for lunch. Claudia begins to get anxious wondering why Mrs. Frederic wants to see her. She wonders if it has to do with the weird feelings she’s been experiencing. Artie cautiously asks her, “What weird feelings?” Claudia tells him that she feels like she can’t get in control of herself lately. Artie flashes to his dream of Claudia killing him and asks why she didn’t tell him sooner. She tells him it’s because she didn’t want to worry him and heads off to her lunch.

In Toronto, Pete and Myka meet with the team and talk to Mike Madden. Myka questions him about his miraculous recovery from his injuries the night before but he shrugs it off saying the adrenalin surge makes him keep going. He offers to take a blood test or pee in a cup if she thinks he’s on something. Instead, she thinks his necklace may an artifact and asks him to hand it over.  She runs a neutralizer glove over it but no response.

Pete shows Myka the x-ray of Madden’s arm taken after the game. She takes a look at it and notices there was a break in his wrist but when he shook her hand earlier, she didn’t feel the abnormality. Myka tells Pete the x-rays are fake and they head to the team owner’s office to get the real one.

Meanwhile at the Warehouse, Artie finds another missing artifact with a black diamond in its place. Steve and Trailer follow Artie catching him by surprise. He tells Steve that artifacts have been disappearing from the Warehouse – the latest on being Primo Levi’s scarf. Artie is concerned because the Warehouse has a detection system but it’s not alerting his computer of intrusions. He insists that Steve tell no one about this. Artie tries to find the link between the missing artifacts and realizes what has been taken are those items that he himself retrieved.

Myka finds Madden’s real x-rays and can’t believe what she’s seeing; Madden’s bones are being held together by the cartilage and muscle around it. Not only was his arm broken, his knee is shot and his ribs are cracked but he is skating as though he were perfectly fine.

Pete and Myka head to Madden’s locker and begin to spray his items with the neutralizer but there’s no reaction. Pete thinks that he may be wearing the artifact but Myka tells him that he’s naked in the shower and unlikely.

Then they hear Madden and Beast fighting in the showers. Pete goes and breaks it off but notices that Madden is in pain. He tells Myka that he thinks that someone may be using an artifact on him. They think it may be the team owner, Kemp.

The agents confront Kemp who denies he has anything to do with Madden’s new ability. He explains that while Madden is good at home games, he doesn’t bring it like he does in away ones. They try to figure out what is present during a home game that is not any other time. Pete suggests one of the hometown fans may be using an artifact on Madden.

As Artie goes through the Warehouse he finds more objects that are missing only to be replaced by a black diamond. He realizes someone is undoing his life’s work. Steve asks if there is an artifact that may help find the ones missing. Artie recalls snagging the McCoy rifle and figures if the Hatfield rifle is still in the Warehouse, it can lead them to the McCoy rifle.

Claudia arrives for her lunch with Mrs. Frederic and tells her there is no time to eat and they need to take a walk. She tells Claudia that she’s here to show Claudia a glimpse of her destiny with the Warehouse. As Mrs. Frederic walks down the street with Claudia, she asks her if she senses anything. Claudia focuses on a store and watches as a robbery takes place. During the robbery a woman gets shot while trying to save a baby. When Claudia goes in, she notices that the woman’s bracelet glowed. As she leaves the store, Claudia asks Mrs. Frederic what happened and realizes that she just witnessed the birth of an artifact. According to Mrs. Frederic the bracelet was imbued by the brave moment of an ordinary woman doing an extraordinary thing. Claudia suggests they snag it but Mrs. Frederic explains that Warehouse agents and Regents only get involved when artifacts start causing trouble.  Claudia is impressed.

Back in Toronto, Pete and Myka confide in Madden that one of his fans may be using something that is boosting his ability to play. They devise a plan to find out which one of his fans may have an artifact.

Artie is relieved that the Hatfield rifle is still in the Warehouse. He explains to Steve that the gravitational pull between this and the McCoy rifle will tell them where the McCoy rifle is. Steve looks through the Hatfield scope and tells Artie what he sees. Artie recognizes the place to be a diner in Featherhead.

At the game, Pete and Myka go through with their plan to find the fan that may be using an artifact on Madden. Meanwhile, Madden admits his attraction to Myka (and vice versa). They share a kiss for good luck which is captured by the Kiss Cam for all the fans to see. One fan in particular is upset and throws down a rabbit foot keychain into her purse.

Madden fakes a fall as planned but Pete doesn’t see anyone take out an artifact. Myka, however, becomes physically ill and rushes to the bathroom and starts vomiting. She calls Pete and tells him that she needs him pronto! When he gets to the lady’s room, Myka is visibly pregnant. They call Artie for help.

Artie and Steve head to Featherhead to retrieve the McCoy rifle when he gets a call from Myka and Pete. Artie tells them that the artifact may be a wish fulfillment artifact and asks who wished she was pregnant. He tells them he has to sign off as the Hatfield rifle is begins to strongly lead Steve away. Pete then tells Myka that he had wished about having a family with the person who he shares his life with when he saw a little boy in the stands. He also remembered holding the rabbit’s foot keychain when he wished it! They go off and find the keychain.

Artie and Steve find the McCoy rifle but when they open the door the rifles begin to fire at each other. Steve gets angry but Artie tells him not to worry because of the metronome. That’s when Steve confesses that whatever injuries he sustains, Claudia feels. Artie tells Steve they will get him off the metronome.

When they open the warehouse, Artie finds all the missing artifacts but Steve sees shipping supplies and thinks that some of the artifacts are not there anymore.

Pete and Myka go back to the section where Pete found the keychain but the seat is empty. They head over to the fans home only to discover she is a stalker. As they go through her apartment, Pete reads of an extraordinary feat accomplished by her grandfather during WW II. They decided to wait until Judy gets home to snag the dog tag artifact but Myka notices that she packed her toiletries and wasn’t coming home.

Judy kidnaps Madden and takes him to her grandfather’s cabin. She tells him that she is the cause of his recoveries and asks for a kiss. Madden tells her to close her eyes and he throws hot tea in her face. As he tries to get away, Judy uses the dog chain to break his leg. Madden begs her to wish his legs to be repaired but she refuses until he learns to behave. She sees Pete and runs out of the cabin and takes Myka hostage. She takes out the dog tags and wishes that Pete’s lungs collapse. When he falls, July approaches to check if he’s dead, but he was faking and managed to disarm her. Just as she is going toward Pete with a knife, Myka stuns her with the Tesla gun and yells to Pete to bag the artifact. Once he does, her pregnancy is gone. Pete surmises that the dog tags only work on people they love which is why it didn’t work on him.

The last stop Claudia and Mrs. Frederic get to is a retirement home where an old man is painting. Mrs. Frederic tells her that is her grandson and her son is gone. “Not all wonder is endless, Claudia,” she says and heads to hug her grandson.

This episode of ‘Warehouse 13’ seemed more of a bridge episode as it gave insight as to how an object becomes an artifact, what it means to be a Regent, and the strong relationship between Myka and Pete. With regards to the story arc, we finally find out that Brother’s Aiden’s promise to destroy Artie’s life work as he as destroyed his is coming to fruition and Artie now knows the consequence of using the metronome.

Next week Lindsay Wagner returns as Dr. Vanessa Calder as she and Artie try to take their relationship (if it can be called that) to the next step!

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