After the gloriously creepy return of Black Hand in the pages  of ‘Green Lantern’ #11, Hal and Sinestro find themselves teleported to Earth and into the middle of a creepy zombie apocalypse as this issue begins.

In the process of their teleportation, Hal and Sinestro have inadvertently delivered The Book of the Black directly into the hands of the last remaining Black Lantern… Black Hand. Hand looks through the book and begins to wig out. Every single page of The Book of the Black has one simple phrase: “Hal Jordan is not your enemy.” What could this mean!?

Hand accuses Jordan of manipulating The Book and begins to threaten the two Green Lanterns. Jordan puts an end to it quickly by blasting Hand in the head and frying his brain. Of course, Hal knows that the black ring will have Hand back on his feet soon, so his death is only temporary to buy the heroes time to think.

Hal knows that the only way to kill a Black Lantern is to use two different colored rings and, since Sinestro and Hal are both green now, he tries to call Carol to get the help of the Star Sapphire. When Carol doesn’t answer, Hal and Sinestro leave Hand’s house only to find an army of undead standing just outside!

Meanwhile the Guardians of the Galaxy are moving forward with their plans to eliminate the Green Lantern Corps and it’s revealed that many of the events of the past year have all been manipulated by those little blue monstrosities.

The title cuts back to the showdown between Hal, Sinestro, and the zombie hordes but I won’t tell you how that one ends just yet. Suffice it to say… Black Hand isn’t too pleased (but not for the reasons you might imagine).

Geoff Johns is a master at weaving the epic mythology of the Green Lanterns and this issue shows that he’s had a plan since the beginning of the New 52 and it wasn’t just to have Sinestro as a Green Lantern again. Instead, it’s something much more insidious. Kudos, Mr. Johns. Kudos indeed!

Final Score:


Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Renato Guedes & Jim Calafiore
Cover by Doug Mahnke