The CW network is ramping up their promotion for their new fall schedule and have just rolled out new key art posters for the shows ‘Arrow’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast.’


The marketing department at the CW knows how to use an asset when they see it which explains a shirtless Stephen Amell prominently displayed. His physique is covered with scars which we can only presume was obtained during his 5 years on the deserted island. The tagline “Destiny Leaves Its Mark” is a double entendre of the scars on his body and his newfound agenda now that he’s returned to Starling City.

‘Arrow’ debuts Wednesday, October 10 at 8PM ET/PT.

‘Beauty and the Beast’

While ‘Arrow’ seems to be the hot new show everyone is anxious to see, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is still with the jury. A modern retelling of the CBS classic ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ this version stars Kristin Kruek as Catherine and Jay Ryan as Vincent Koslow, a wounded veteran and victim of a government experiment gone wrong.

From the poster it looks like this Vincent will be more visually appealing than the one portrayed by Ron Pearlman. The black and white look is supposed to represent the “classic” feel of the show with Ryan’s eyes a shade of yellow to remind us he’s not fully “normal.”

‘Beauty and the Beast’ will begin airing on Thursday, October 11 at 9PM ET/PT right after ‘The Vampire Diaries.’