One of the best additions to the cast of ‘Supernatural’ is the appearance of angelic Castiel played by fan favorite Misha Collins. Although the character had very limited screen time last year (he only appeared in 5 out of last seasons’ 23 episodes), in an interview with IGN, he reveals that this year will be different.

Collins had told IGN that he has been worried on more than one occasion that his character Castiel would be written out of ‘Supernatural.’ After all, with Sera Gamble stepping down as show runner and former show writer Jeremy Carver (series writer and executive producer of the US version of ‘Being Human’) now in the chair, you never know what could happen.

“The show cannot go on without Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles)… the show had started without me and can go on without me,” Collins said. “So, yes, whenever there’s a changing of the guard, I have been nervous, not always without cause.”

At least this isn’t the case in Season 8 as Collins reveals that Castiel will be seen more of this year:

“I thought at the end of last season, ‘Hey, thank God they left me in Purgatory with Dean. I’m definitely going to be significant next season.’ Then there was a little back and forth where it wasn’t really clear whether I was going to come back at all — and the way in which I do come back is not at all what I expected. I’ll be back much more significantly this season than last.”

According to CW President Mark Pedowitz, Collins in confirmed to appear in 8 of this season’s episodes. As filming is still occurring for the show, no one yet knows how many more beyond 8 Collins will be in but what is encouraging to know is that the Castiel that we were first introduced to will be returning:

“I think that (Castiel) had some serious screws loose at the end of last season. He just had to button down and get his s**t together, frankly, in order to survive Purgatory. So we’re seeing a version of Castiel that’s definitely reminiscent of Castiel in Season 5, the one we knew before. He’s got a lot more under his belt now. He’s a little bit more weary, a little bit more worldly and a little bit more weathered — the three “W”s. I’m excited about it. It’s a version of the character that I feel holds great promise.”

This is in line with the goals show runner Carver wants to accomplish coming back to the series. Responsible for writing many episodes seen in seasons 3-5, he states that he would like to bring the series back to what it was before and looks forward to resetting the show’s mythology.

So are you happy the Winchesters’ “guardian” angel is back in the fold or would you just be happy to have the brothers go at it alone?