Previously on True Blood, Bill has gone the way of the Authority, choosing Lilith over Mainstreaming, leaving Eric on his own in trying to escape them. Sookie takes on the guilt of her parents death, coming face to face with their vampire killer. Gran leaves a hint leading her to Bud Dearborn, being rescued later on.  Terry confronts Patrick, ending in Patricks demise and the end of the demon. Tara and Pam continue their taciturn relationship, while discovering that Eric is no longer the sheriff, and that open feeding of humans is now allowed. Sam, Luna and Andy take down the Dragon, discovering that it was Bud Dearborn all along.  Hoyt is in dire condition after his abuse by Bud as well. What will happen next? This is a recap, so there are spoilers ahead!

In the news, the humans panic over True Blood and the amped vampire attacks. Steve Newlin goes on to make it look nice that they are searching for the terrorists who took out the factories. In her home, Sookie turns off the TV and settles in with dinner when there is a knock at her door. Grabbing the pistol on the table, she sees the Coroner waiting for her. She lets him in, but he attacks her as a vampire. Grabbing the chopsticks off the table, she stabs him, causing him to combust.

Back at the Vampire Authority, Molly is brought before the council to accept the word of Lilith. The true death has been assigned to her. She tells them they are going in the opposite way of evolution, but she accepts her death. Steve is excited by her death, never seeing a vampire staked before. Salome quiets him as they bless the blood. Russell invites Steve to go out to eat, but Salome tries to argue that there is a television appearance tomorrow he needs to prepare for. They leave, much to her disapproval.

Mrs. Fortenberry drives home Hoyt, saying that he is coming back to live with her. Hoyt talks about taking a drilling job in Alaska, much to his mothers dismay. She cries, as he tells her he wants to make something of himself.

The new sheriff counts out the money to Fangtasia, seeing that there was only 600 dollars for the night. He suggests a sucking booth, but they tell him no. There is also a new order for 30 new baby vampires in Area 5, with the problem being that if they don’t do it all of the assets are taken, which means he will take Tara from Pam.

Bill removes a drop of Lilith’s blood from the vial in the locked room. Eric is brought before him, he tells him that he cannot keep him alive much longer without his acceptance of Lilith. Bill tells him that he saved his life, in return he will save his soul. Bill offers Lilith’s blood to Eric, which he tries to refuse. Nora forces his mouth open, and takes the blood with him. Eric fights it, but is eventually taken away by the power of the blood. Bill watches from a security camera in the other room. Godric is brought before them, Eric pleading that he tried to save Nora. Nora tells him that his blood is gone, that Lilith is her God. Godric tells her that he done what she failed to do. Eric tells him that she is lost. Lilith appears behind Godric, who she holds closesly. Eric yells to fight her, which he tells that he is not the one who must fight. Lilith rips out Godrics throat, causing Eric to sob, and Nora stare in disbelief.

Steve and Russell dance in blood, as Russell tells him that they can walk in the sun. Steve begs Russell to take him with.

Jessica walks into Merlottes, where the humans clear out quickly. LaFayette and Sam defend her, getting two men to drop their guns. Sam tells her he is out True Blood and kicks out the two men going to attack Jess. Jason comes in, seeing the ruckus. He asks why Jess isn’t with her guards, which she tells him they haven’t been paid so they left. Hoyt walks in at this point, telling them that he is moving to Alaska. He explains that his home is where his mother smothers for him and his girl left him for his best friend. He is upset that they are upset and unhappy. He needs them to be happy for him. He asks Jessica for a going away present: to be glamoured and to forget about her. She asks him to consider what he is asking. He then says he wants Jason gone too. Hoyt wants the hurt taken away from him so he can go and live his life. He begs it of her, he wants it gone. She takes his hand, glamouring him, telling him that he is a good man, her first love, and they will never forget him. He will not miss them, he will go to Alaska and start a brand new life. She says that she will fade away, she won’t be his first love anymore. She tells him to close his eyes and count to 10. Jason tells him he loves him, Jessica tells him goodbye and they leave. Hoyt asks for a waitress.

Pam and Tara discuss their future, Pam saying she will give up the bar. She tells Tara they will live in the wind, just like her and Eric did.

Sookie talks to Jason about what happen with Hoyt, saying that maybe this is a way Hoyt has forgiven him. Jason goes through the box under the bed, but Sookie corrects him saying just look under the bed. Jason makes fun of her saying she would be an awful cop. He finds a hollow board, where another box lies underneath. Opening it, they find a piece of parchment with very old handwriting written it across

Luna and Sam try to sneak into Steve’s life, discussing options on how to save Emma from him. There is a debate that night that Steve will be apart of, Luna saying that they need go.

Jason and Sookie sit in the office of someone who can read what is on the parchment. The parchment is over 200 years old, but none of the characters repeat. It is a set of a hundred unique characters. He is just able to tell them that it isn’t any human language. Sookie makes eyes at Jason, knowing that they have other people to see.

Holly presents Andy with a fancy dinner that LaFayette prepares for them as a thank you for taking her home. They flirt over their meal.

Jessica sits on the couch, remembering her times with Hoyt. She hears a noise coming from outside, seeing the Authority waiting for her. She is commanded by Bill to go with his security team.

Steve argues that True Blood destruction was a terrorist act, while Russell watches on with Emma in the council room. Salome walks in, which Russell informs him that he is doing splendidly. Eric is brought before the council to say that he humbly begs for forgiveness, that Lilith came to him, destroying his maker that he was worshiping a false God. He kneels before Russell, giving him thanks for his mercy and forgiving him for his sins against his family. Russell offers his hand which Eric kisses. Russell says that Eric got the better end of the deal. 2 mice wander away from the set of Steve Newlin, where Luna and Sam shift. They go through his phone, seeing all the pictures of Emma on his phone.

Jason and Sookie drive in the police car, throwing on the lights when he sees Hoyt, saying he wants to talk to him. Sookie begs him to let him go, but he goes on anyway. Hoyt doesn’t remember him, even though he protests him going Hoyt thinks that his mom put Jason up to it. Jason tells him to drive safe, giving him back his license and registration. Hoyt drives away as Jason climbs back in the car with Sookie, completely broken and crying. Sookie hugs him, trying to comfort him.

Bill hugs Jessica close, happy she is safe. Bill explains everything that is going on to her, showing her the chamber of the Authority. He explains to her Lilith and the deity that she is, making Jessica uncomfortable. Jess says its like the Bible studies her parents had made her do, which he explains its not much different, just with the right book.

Tara greets the new sheriff with the a worried look. She accidentally killed Ginger, which was false, Ginger stabbing him and Tara cutting off his head. Pam walks in, which Tara tells her that no one runs them out of their house.

Steve is angered when he sees Emma has turned Human again, which is when Sam and Luna run out of his bag, in mouse form. In the other room, Russell tells the Authority that they need to kill the fairies so that they can walk in the sun. The fight gets violent, but Russell tells them he will never be their lap dog, and that he is over 3,000 years old. He says that he will have the sun, running free. Jessica collapses in the back, Bill and Eric looking scared.

Claude and Claudette look over the parchment, saying it is older than they are. They bring out a 500 year old fairy, saying it is an old contract. Her ancestors are more secretive they they are today, but she waves her hand over the document drawing the words together. The contract states Warlow gets the first female fae child, which Sookie was the first.

I am glad that Russell is finally shining for the bad guy that he is. I feel like this season has been slow moving, not holding my attention as closely as True Blood seasons in the past. But, with that said, I am happy there is more focus on the vampires this season and less focus on the fairies, even if they are there, they are not the central focus. I felt that was a fault in Season 4.

So with only two episodes left, and we know that Season 6 will be happening, what are your predictions for the closing of this season? How are you feeling about how things are progressing?