Less than a month ago, Guillermo Del Toro gave us an update on his live action Hulk series for ABC. Basically, he said that it’s still on, despite some hold ups at the moment. Now, thanks to an interview with Collider, we have learned that one such hold up is the schedule of a mystery big name writer.

This show was supposed to be ready for this upcoming season, but a full slate kept the director busy. Now, after having a few meetings with The House of Ideas after the massive success that was ‘The Avengers’, Del Toro is ready to get the ball rolling on The Hulk’s new life on television, but only after a certain writer churns out a new draft of the pilot first. Here’s what he had to say in the interview:

“I had one meeting with Marvel after Avengers and we had a very, very good chat. We have a writer that we want to bring on board, a very, very concrete name. I can’t reveal it, but we want to wait for that writer. It’s a writer who is otherwise engaged. So right now we are in a holding pattern until that writer becomes free. Then we’re going to do a new draft of the script.”

While waiting for this is a total bummer, at least Del Toro isn’t going to let just anybody touch this series. He’s not going to do it for the sake of doing it. He wants to make it good, and by the sounds of it, this writer will make it good.

Additionally, Del Toro discussed his interest in directing ‘Thor’ and ‘The Wolverine’. For the whole interview, check out the video below:

Now, the question remains as to who this wordsmith that Del Toro so patiently waits for could be. Who do you think the “concrete name” Del Toro speaks of is? Speculate away in the comments.