A couple weeks ago we reported that NBC would be airing a special 6 minute preview of their new show ‘Revolution’ on Saturday after Michael Phelps’ Olympic medal win. If you were one of the many who were waiting to see that preview, you were probably as disappointed as I was when it didn’t show up. So what happened?

An “inside source” at NBC explained that because of the unpredictable nature of covering the Olympics, the network has to be flexible with the airings of on-air promos. So does that mean we’ll get to see the six minute tease for the show after all?

Apparently not, as NBC has opted not to show the teaser and instead will air a 2½ minute “extended preview” sometime during the games Monday night. Although NBC’s Saturday night primetime coverage of the Olympics took in 28 million viewers, it was the lowest number of viewers recorded so far. NBC execs expect a much bigger audience for Monday night, so placing the preview within the games instead of after the coverage will ensure that most people will see it.

‘Revolution’ is the brainchild of Eric Kripke (‘Supernatural‘, ‘Boogeyman’) and is produced by J.J. Abrams. The series is set at a time 15 years after when all forms of electrical energy has suddenly disappeared. NBC has been heavily promoting the series during the Olympic Games hoping the tactic will pay off when the series premiers in September.

While the premise of the show and the trailers are intriguing, its time slot leaves much to be desired as the show will be airing at 10pm on Monday nights. The decision not to air the 6 minute tease in lieu of a 2½ minute preview may not be the best move for the network as the more viewers you can get invested in a show, the better its chances in surviving the cancellation axe before the end of its first season.

So what do you think? Are you disappointed in not being able to see the 6 minute teaser or have you been satisfied with the previews shown so far?

Source: Deadline