After premiering at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, the Irish monster horror-comedy ‘Grabbers’ is finally ready for a wider release. The independent film from director Jon Wright and writer Kevin Lehane has been garnering positive reviews and accolades at each festival it’s appeared at since Sundance, but now the regular movie going audience can get a taste of what’s being called “the booziest comedy since ‘Withnail And I’”. Well, at least Irish audiences anyway.

Labeled as being in the same vein as ‘Gremlins’ and ‘Tremors’, ‘Grabbers’ tells the tale of bloodsucking aliens who invade Ireland and the people who realize that alcohol is poisonous to the invaders and getting drunk is the only way to survive. This already sounds like something I’ll be into. The film stars Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Bronagh Gallagher, and Russell Tovey, who some readers may recognize as George Sands of the original ‘Being Human’, Henry Knight in the ‘Hounds of Baskerville’ episode of the awesome BBC show ‘Sherlock’, and Midshipman Frame from various episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ alongside David Tennant’s 10th Doctor. Allons-y Allonso!

Thanks to Bleeding Cool, you can now check out the latest TV spot for ‘Grabbers’. Check it out below:

‘Grabbers’ opens in Irish theaters this Friday, August 10th. It’s still uncertain when American audiences can lay eyes on it, but since IFC Midnight has acquired the distribution rights to the film, it’s likely that we’ll see it On-Demand a month before an extremely limited release.

What do you think about getting drunk to survive an alien invasion? Stoked to see the idea play out in ‘Grabbers’? Share with the class in the comments section.