All this week, Marvel has been teasing some new creative teams behind their titles for when the new Marvel NOW! initiative begins in October. This week alone, we’ve discovered who will be taking the reins for Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, and Deadpool, but The House of Ideas isn’t done yet. Today, we got four more team revelations!

First off, we get a two-fer. Matt Fraction, who most associate with Iron Man or Iron Fist these days, will be taking over writing duties for Marvel’s First Family. He’ll be taking on ‘Fantastic Four’ with artist Mark Bagley, and then ‘FF’ with Mike Allred. Check out the teasers from CBR and USA Today below:

Next up is ‘Captain America’. With the historic and revitalizing run of Ed Brubaker coming to an end, it looks like Rick Remender will be taking over the Star-Spangled Avenger along with John Romita Jr. providing the artwork. Remender has been one of the stand outs of ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’ for me and I’m excited to see what he does with my favorite Avenger and hero in November. Here’s the teaser from iFanboy:

Finally, we have a teaser that is shrouded in a bit of mystery. The one word featured on this teaser is “LEGACY”, along with the names Spurrier and Huat. The writer, Simon Spurrier is a British writer who’s done a few X-Men one-shots and various limited series. He’ll be reteaming with artist Tan Eng Huat on this title. They previously worked together on ‘Silver Surfer: In Thy Name’. But what is this title exactly that “LEGACY” refers to? MTV Geek thinks that it’s ‘X-Men Legacy’, which is a peculiar title to include in the first wave of Marvel NOW!. However, since things are about to get very shaken up in the Marvel Universe, maybe this could be for a new title that will come from the fallout of AvX. We’ll find out once this title drops in November.

What do you think about these freshly revealed creative teams? Are you already putting some of these on your pull lists? Let us know in the comments!