Two new cast members, a recurring guest story arc and a new location will be seen when ‘Touch’ returns to Fox this season.

In last season’s finale, Martin (Kiefer Sutherland) and his son Jake (David Mazouz) are on the run from Aster Corp and leave New York only to end up in Los Angeles. In the meantime, they meet Lucy Robbins (Maria Bello), a distraught mother who is searching for her missing gifted daughter. This season the trio will go looking for her but Fox has found the young actress who will play her child.

Saxon Sharbino (‘I Spit on Your Grave’) has landed the role of Amelia, the gifted child everyone is looking for. Sharbino had originally been cast as the lead in the untitled Karyn Usher pilot for Fox and had impressed the network execs enough that they casted her in the ‘Touch’ role when the pilot wasn’t picked up to series.

In addition, Lukas Haas (‘Inception,’ ‘Red Riding Hood’) has been added to play genius Calvin Norburg who is working for the mysterious Aster Corps that is after Jake. This marks a reunion of sorts for Hass and Sutherland as Hass had a 3 episode story arc on Sutherland’s series ’24.’

Lastly, Greg Ellis (‘Pirates of the Carribean’ films, ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Days of Our Lives’) was announced that he will be a to guest star in a multi-episode arc as Trevor Wilcox, a journalist and old correspondent friend of Martin. It seems like the theme for Season 2 of ‘Touch’ is reunion as Ellis has also appeared in the series ’24.’

Fans of the show won’t have to wait too long before the show’s return as an all-new bonus episode of ‘Touch’ will air on Friday, September 14 at 8PM ET/PT, a month before it’s season premiere in October. In this episode, Martin’s car mysteriously breaks down in the town where he first became a reporter.

Season 2 of ‘Touch’ will officially start on Friday, October 26 at 8PM ET/PT leading into the premiere of the final season of ‘Fringe.’


Source: THR