Welcome back to the Warehouse! Now that Artie has done was he felt was necessary to bring the Warehouse back, what happens now? Is everything back to the way it was or is there something more sinister lurking? And will the burden of knowing what really happened to their timeline take a toll on Artie? After all, there’s always a consequence when using an artifact…


At a Philadelphia diner, a man wearing  a red baseball hat chains the back exit while inside customers are enjoying their meal (well, actually two of them are arguing which is stronger: Vulcans vs. Klingons). All of the sudden they hear a noise at the front entrance. Everyone sees a monstrous figure with red glowing eyes, tentacles and sharp teeth come towards them. The customers all run to the back to get away but they can’t get the door open!

As the monster approaches them, the customers decide a best defense is a good offense and grab whatever they can get a hold of and start beating on the creature. Just then, the police arrive to break up the fight. Once they get the crowd to back away from the monster, one of the customers realizes it’s not a monster after all. It’s his friend Joe!

Back at the B&B, Artie is in Claudia’s room. He remembers his dream of Claudia driving a dagger into him with Brother Aidan’s warning “… an evil that will live with you the rest of your days…” Leena comes in and assures Artie that they will find her.

Pete and Myka ask Artie what plan he has to help Claudia. Artie tells them that they will not find Claudia, he will without them. He sends them to Philadelphia to investigate the mob murder.

As Artie sits, the stress of his actions from the last episode weighs heavily. He senses someone behind him. On the other side of the French doors is Brother Aidan. But wait, didn’t he try to kill Pete and Artie and then die? Not in this timeline!

Here, Brother Aidan has never met Artie, but surprisingly was sent by the Vatican to find him and ask for his help in locating Magellan’s astrolade. They know that it was used to erase 24 hours and need the person who used it to undo the act. He explains to Artie that using the astrolade unleashes a formidable evil onto the world and the only way to get rid of that evil is to undo what the astrolade did. The same person must use the astrolade and return time to its proper course so that the evil will have never existed. Brother Aidan begs for Artie to help him. Artie agrees. (Awkward!!!!)

Claudia (or maybe she should be renamed Alternate Timeline Claudia) is staking out the Regent Chatelet in order to get to the morgue where Jinks’ body is being held. Next to her is the metronome artifact that can bring the dead to life and keep them alive as long as the metronome is working.

Meanwhile, Pete and Myka have arrived at the diner and talk to the people who were involved in the mob killing. Everyone is adamant that they saw some type of creature but the one guy who recognized his friend after the fact can’t understand why they attacked him like they did. Myka tries to connect what happened to them to an artifact but strikes out.

The mass hallucination occurs again but this time at a dental office as patients and the hygienist think they see a tentacled worm-like creature entering the office (it’s actually just an accountant). Again everyone panics. The hygienist grabs a coat rack (doesn’t anyone just run away anymore?) and begins to push the creature out the window where he falls several stories down and dies. As the crowd gathers around the body, the man with the red baseball cap is seen again.

It’s time for Alternate Timeline Claudia to make her move as she enters the Regent’s Chatelet in a mini-skirt and high heels. She pretends to take a fall (the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” routine always gets a guard’s sympathies!) and managers to use her “I’m a helpless woman having a bad day please pity me” womanly ways to get past security without a badge. As she heads down to the morgue, Claudia changes into a nurse’s outfit and tries to get past the floor’s security guard. As he checks her badge, it electrocutes him. Just then, the lobby security guard comes in as he noticed her elevator went down instead of up. Just as he was about to approach her, Claudia’s eyes flash and she points a Tesla gun at him but Artie arrives just in time to grab her arm and drag her into a room before the guard gets hurt.

Claudia warns Artie not to stop her as he tries to reason her out of using the metronome. She counters by asking him if he could use an artifact to set something right and undo a huge tragedy, would he use it? (I think we know the answer to that, don’t you?) Artie doesn’t answer and tries to sway her. Hasn’t she seen what using an artifact can do to a person? He cites McPherson, H.G. Wells and Sykes as examples but she tells him that she’s not like them. Artie tells Claudia that they became the way they were because of using the artifacts. But the point is moot as Regent Jane Lattimer (yep, Pete’s mom) tells them that the Regents are allowing Claudia to bring Jinks back. Artie freaks. “This is wrong,” he says, “This is wrong!”

Back in Philly, the man with the baseball cap (this time with a blue one) approaches a woman at her door asking if she dropped her key. She takes it and gives it back telling him it’s not hers. He walks away as she enters her home. As her husband comes down the stairs, he sees a creature with glowing eyes and tentacles instead of his wife. He screams as he thinks the creature is about to attack him.

Leena fills Pete and Myka about a 911 call she was able to intercept about a husband who called in stating a monster did something to his wife. They head over to the husband’s home to find him with a shot gun aimed at a closet where he was able to trap the monster. Myka tells him they can handle the situation as she takes the gun from him. As they open the closet door, the husband see tentacles come out and he tries to grasp the shotgun to fire at the door leaving Myka left to knock him out before anyone got hurt. As Pete fully opens the door, they find the wife inside cowering in fear.

Regent Lattimer brings Claudia into a room where Jinks is lying. Claudia asks if he will be the same or return as some kind of zombie. Jane tells her that “Steve will be Steve again.” She then instructs Claudia to place a hand on the metronome and the other on Jinks. The metronome doesn’t seem to work at first and Claudia is getting frustrated. All of the sudden, Jinks takes a breath. Startled, Claudia lets go of the metronome and begins to suffocate. Jane tells her to place her hand back on the metronome and concentrate on her. Claudia is having difficulty breathing as Jane tries to make her focus and not to panic. Jane tells Claudia that in order to save Steve she needs to bring him back with her. Claudia is successful and Jinks is back with the living.

Still upset at the turn of events at the Regents Chatalet, Artie arranges to meet Brother Aidan at a diner. He asks him what kind of evil is he so worried about. Brother Aidan tells him that the evil is unique to the user and will cut through his heart like a dagger (similar to the dagger Claudia was holding in Artie’s nightmares). Artie argues that nowhere in his research about the astrolade indicates any type of evil that Brother Aidan is suggesting. He asks if the evil could be triggered by bringing someone back to life? Brother Aidan says that anything is possible. This doesn’t satisfy Artie. He needs to know more. Brother Aidan tells him that it was used before and was the cause of the Reign of Terror during the advent of the French Revolution. Artie is convinced there is another way to prevent the evil to rise other than to use the astrolade to reset time.

Back in Philadelphia, Myka and Pete talk to the wife and try to figure out why her husband thought she was a monster. The wife tells them about the baseball cap wearing man who thought she dropped her key. Pete sees a connection and realizes that the monsters are reminiscent to comic books he read as a kid called the Cthulhu Tales by H.P. Lovecraft. Leena is able to confirm Pete’s suspicions and tells them the creatures are the product of Lovecraft who suffered night terrors and had blamed them on a silver key that he called ‘The Key to the Gate of Dreams.’ Pete and Myka realize the artifact works on the victims not on the people who are seeing them.

They head over to the first victim’s home to find a connection and Pete finds a bobble head from a championship baseball game. Myka remembers that a woman, Theresa Hicks, was trampled to death at that same game. A connection?

Back at the B&B, Claudia and Jinks have a nice reunion as Claudia tries to fill Jinks in on what he’s missed since he’s been … er…out. He senses that she’s holding back and is lying (remember he’s got that ability to know when someone is untruthful). He sees the metronome and realizes what she has done and rushes out of the room. Claudia finds Jinks and tries to explain. In the end, he still doesn’t know what to think but doesn’t yet want to die again.

Pete and Myka head to the stadium where the championship game was played and look at old footage from the time Theresa Hicks was trampled. They recognize the victims as those who wouldn’t help when she was hurt. They realize her fiancé was using Lovecraft’s key to get back at those people. They pinpoint another person who was an obstacle in saving her and head over to him before Theresa’s fiancé does.

Myka heads to Ron Hadsel’s house (Theresa’ fiancé) while Pete covers Jeff Greene’s home to warn him. Ron arrives at Jeff’s house, sees Pete and runs. Pete chases him into a gym where they struggle. Ron is able to stick the key in Pete’s hand and proceeds to yell that a monster is about to get him. The people at the gym all see Pete as a Cthulhu and go after him. Myka arrives just in time to grab the key from Ron and place it in the purple bag before Pete gets killed.

At the Warehouse, Claudia comes in to tell Artie that she is leaving and sees Regents Kassan waiting for her. Jane comes in and Claudia realizes that Jane never did get approval to bring Jinks back. Jane argues that it was wrong to leave him dead but Regent Kassan tells them they have yet to know the ramifications of what they have just done. Since no one yet knows the downside of the metronome artifact, it will stay with the Regents. Any indication that something is wrong, the Regents will take action to save the Warehouse and the world first.

At the B&B, a welcome back Jinks dinner is being held but Artie is still worried. Just as they are about to sit down for dinner, Artie’s artifact finder goes off and it has located a dagger… the same dagger Claudia used to kill him in his nightmare!

The layers are beginning to unfold as Artie begins to get deeper into the consequences of his actions. Does  one act unleash the evil that Brother Aidan is so terrified of or is it the cause of several actions that affect each other?

This season’s ‘Warehouse 13’ is reminiscent of the story telling seen in ‘Supernatural’ and right now it looks like we’ve only scratch the surface of what Artie has started.

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