Last week on ‘True Blood’, Russell Edgington exploded back on the scene, literally. After being captured by The Authority and set to be staked, he turns on the Authority, overpowering Roman and staking him in front of the council. Hoyt is taken captive by the people shooting the supernatural folks of Bon Temps, while Sam and Andy hunt those very same down. Luna gave Emma to her grandmother to keep her safe. Alcide challenged JD to become the leader of the Pack, with a mysterious woman being his second. LaFayette is on a hunt for Jesus’ grandfather. Sookie is attacked by the faries. Terry left Arlene to save her and the kids, leaving her in the dark with a lot of questions. What explosions will happen this week? We’ll discuss that now, so there will be spoilers ahead!

Russell and Eric fight, with the lights flashing bursts of sun light. Nora chants in her cell, saying that they will be free. Russell, while flashing to Eric, is silvered and hanging from the ceiling by his neck.

Sookie is being helped by the fairies, and her luminescence is being tested. After the test she is awoken immediately to be told that she is depleating. The faries tell her that she is going to run out of magic if she is not careful, and that she will be human.

Andy is being questioned by his own force about the death of the shopkeeper. Sam sniffs around the back of the shop, finding the rubber masks in a box at the top of the shelf. He rolls on the ground, saying there was 4 or 5 men, scaring the deputy. In another part of town, Hoyt tells his “rescuers” that he felt hopeless against the vampires. He feels more love in the hate group than in the rest of his life. One of the members gets a phone call from The Dragon, which Hoyt questions. He admits to hating Jessica for what she did, although is hesitant. The Dragon tells the group that Junior (the shopkeep) was killed by a crossbow.

Eric and Bill discuss who let Russell free, Eric knowing it was Nora after seeing her at the execution. They question Molly, who tells them they are wacked. They are then summoned to Salomes chambers. Russell is waiting for them there, along with Nora. Russell tells them he has forgiven them, that he has been born again in his new maker’s image. Nora continues to try and push into Eric’s life, but Eric continually pushes her away. Salome admits to being the one who dug up Russell. She had followed them on the night they were supposed to show him the true death. Bill tells her she cannot play the grieving widow and the leader of a coup at the same time. Salome tells them she just wants to share the power of the vampire, too much blood has been shed. Eric tells them he will not join them, although a little more brash. Bill tells them that he believes in mainstreaming. Salome tells them tomorrow there will a ceremony that they are invited to.

Alcide trains with the girl, his second, to fight. But things end brashly when she tells him that maybe they should take vampire blood to level the playing field. Things get a little more intense after that, but before they get too hot Martha comes in. She tells of JD’s loyalty, and that JD should be pack master.

Arlene watches her wedding on a small TV. Holly comes in when her part comes on, followed by Jason all with well wishes. Hoyt and Jessica follow, then LaFayette with Jesus. Arlene then makes a toast, welcoming everyone to their home, and a thank you for Sam for lending them the bar. We are then shown Terry kissing Arlenes pregnant belly, and Arlene starts crying. She tells Holly she had it all but she didn’t know it. Holly tells her that she can get it back, asking if she could live with herself if she gives up Terry.

Jason brings Sookie breakfast in bed. He talks to her about the night before, that it wasn’t her fault. Jason always blamed himself for their parents’ death, saying how strong she was that she never slipped. He tells her that he won’t let her fall for what is on her mind.

Andy goes to see Sheriff Dearborn, saying he has a confidence crisis. He wants to know if he’s bad at this. Bud scolds him for just coming over when he felt like it. He tells him to leave, to let him relax and enjoy his retirement.

LaFayette goes to see the Don, Jesus’ grandfather. The door is broken open before he even walks in, the place in shambles. In the room where the magic has happened, LaFayette sees Jesus’ head on a chair. Behind him, Don cocks a rifle, telling him he’ll take back what is his. LaFayette spits on him, calling him sick.

Luna and Sam argue about how she wants to leave. Sookie comes into the room, bringing Luna gifts and offers to buy Sam a coffee. Sam goes off on Sookie about how people are dumb, worried about Emma, an 8 year old girl being shot at. Sookie asks if Sam would give up his powers for a regular life. Sam tells her no, have to keep fighting stupidity. But he is feeling a lot less optimistic, and tired of fighting. Sookie questions if it would still bother them, if the hate is still there if they aren’t supernatural anymore. Sam says if they were normal, a lot more would still be alive today. “But in the end we are what we are.”

Tara dances at Fangtasia. Pam watches, while Tara’s mom walks in. She asks Tara how could she do this to her, telling her she’s a minister’s wife that she can’t have a vampire for a daughter. She’s dead to her now, and she came to say goodbye. After the encounter, she gets back on the pole.

Salome leads a ceremony saying Lilith would forgive Russell for what he’s done. He talks to the council, saying that Roman’s death was for the greater good, and that he loves Lilith. Eric and Bill stand aside, while Salome pulls the blood of Lilith while Nora tells the story of Lilith. Salome tells the council that everyone in the room will drink from the blood of Lilith. One of the chairmen steps forward to try and stop them, but before he goes any further Russell cuts off his head. Salome takes the first drop. Bill and Eric whisper if they will, which Eric says they have to. Next, the group of vampires are seen wandering the streets of New Orleans, drugged.

Pam talks to Tara in the office of Fangtasia. She tells her that she is a better dancer than she is a bartender, and that her mother is a piece of work. Tara cries for her mother, but Pam tells her a hundred years from now she won’t remember her. Tara hugs Pam, holding her tightly. Uncomfortable, Pam tells her break is over.

Jesus’ head is surrounded by candles, LaFayette tied up and mouth sewn shut while the Don’s pregnant wife lays on the floor. There is unnatural movement in her belly. Don cuts LaFayette’s head, saying he is taken the magic he stole from him back. He tells the belly that he will get everything he deserves. Don tells LaFayette that him and Jesus will not be together as he goes to cut his head, but before he does the wife attacks him, stabbing him several times. She grabs LaFayette’s head, staring at him intensely, then cuts the stitches free of his mouth.

JD approaches the Pack, telling him that his vampire friend says the end of days is coming; a war between vampire and human. JD tells them to join him, giving them vampire blood for the trust of him. But then he gives a vial to Emma, causing Martha to panic. Martha pulls Emma out of the room after telling JD she doesn’t know him anymore.

The Hate Group goes for a ride, wearing the mask. Meanwhile, Sam gets kicked out of the hospital for staying past visiting hours. He sniffs something odd, following one of the orderlies. The orderly is one from the hate crew who received the call from The Dragon.

A girl is singing a heartfelt version of “You light up my life” to her fiancee, when Russell comes up from behind on stage. Everyone recognizes him while the pack of vampires attack the bar.

Terry and Patrick sit in a cold field. They are approached by the demon, which laughs at them and mocks them. Terry gets angry with it, stealing Patrick’s gun and holding it to his head. Patrick tells him that he is weak for considering suicide. Terry says he is at peace with it. Patrick starts saying the names of the kids, saying that they would want him to know that he died fighting and not from suicide. He takes the gun back while Terry collapses in the field in emotion. Patrick apologizes to him for giving him the order.

Jessica feeds off of someone when Jason comes in. He was drinking, but he tells Jessica his parents were killed. He tells Jessica that he is going to find out who the vampire was. Jessica reassures him that not all vampires are the same, kissing him, but he tastes the blood on her mouth. Jason makes a scene, calling the guy out. The two of them fight, Jessica attacking his neck. He shoots her in the head, throwing him out. Jason then notices the lights coming from Sookie’s home.

Sookie flashes back to everyone being afraid of her, all of the supernaturals asking what she is. She stands outside of her home, thinking about how she would be normal and no longer human. She uses her fairy power over and over, depleating herself.

The vampires kill and feed off of everyone in the bar, including small children. A drop of blood falls, into a pool, a woman appearing in the nude from it. She howls, Salome calls her Lilith. The vampires return to feeding as she smiles down on them. Godric appears to Eric, telling him this is wrong, tells him to save his sister.

This week was interesting, especially with the appearance of Lilith. The drugged vampires were actually scary, attacking those around them. Sookie’s story feels weak to me this season, but I’ve felt the fairy story line in both the books and the show were a weak story.

What did you think of this week?