Even though ‘Lost Girl’ is in the middle of airing Season 2 on the Syfy channel, planning for Season 3 is underway and have they caught a big Fae to appear on the series! Former ‘Terminator’ star Linda Hamilton has been announced to guest star next season.

Hamilton is well known for her role as Asst. Dist. Atty. Catherine Chandler from the 1980’s CBS series ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which the CW network has reimaged and rebooted for their updated version starring Kristen Kreuk as Catherine, but it’s her kick ass role as Sarah Connor in the ‘Terminator’ movie franchise that had everyone take note. Not only did she play John Connor’s mother, she also played super spy mom to Chuck Bartowski in the series ‘Chuck.’

She now takes her badass self to ‘Lost Girl’ where she will play someone named Acacia, “a tough, sexy and ruthless assassin who has enjoyed a storied and deadly career.” Unfortunately, Acacia’s arrival will not go down well with our favorite succubus, Bo (Anna Silk).

We’ll have to wait a bit to see Hamilton in her role as Season 3 won’t start until January 2013 but knowing how well she plays characters like this one, it will be worth the wait!