Get ready boys and girls as Joss Whedon made an announcement that rocked geekdom at Comic-Con: Captain Hammer, Dr. Horrible and Penny will be heading to the CW network this fall!

That’s right, ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,’ the three part web series created by Whedon and starring Neil Patrick Harris (‘How I Met Your Mother,’Smurfs’), Nathan Fillion (‘Firefly,’ ‘Serenity’) and Felicia Day (‘Supernatural,’ ‘The Guild’) will be seen on the small screen for the first time this upcoming season. And even more exciting is that the sequel to ‘Dr. Horrible’ will also air!

Although Whedon has been busy with other projects (like ‘The Avengers’), it that hasn’t stopped him from thinking about a sequel. “We’ve been working on it for about two years,” he announced, “We have a bunch of songs; we know exactly where we’re going. I can’t wait to tell you more about it … That’s gonna start happening hopefully soon … some of the actors in it are kind of successful!”

For those who have yet to see the web series (and I truly recommend that you do!), ‘Dr. Horrible’ is the story of Billy (Harris) whose alter ego, Dr. Horrible, is a wannabe evil mastermind aspiring to be a supervillian who secretly worships Penny (Day) and attempts to woo her from Captain Hammer (Fillion).

The musical was created and written by Whedon and his wife, Maurissa Tanchareon (‘Dollhouse,’ ‘Spartacus’) along with his brothers Jed and Zack during the Writers’ Strike in 2008. It then debuted at Comic-con becoming a big hit with fans and critics. Afterwards, the series was offered on iTunes and later made available on DVD. It continues to be a staple at Comic-Con with live sing-a-longs every year.

Unfortunately, there’s no exact date as to when the series will air but once it’s revealed, you know we’ll let you know! In the meantime, this may be a good time to start brushing up on ‘Everyone’s a Hero.’