After the prologue with the Robins in last month’s ‘Batman and Robin’ #10, we finally get to the meat of the story this issue as new villain, Terminus, steps up his game to get revenge on Batman.

But before we get into the Terminus plot, Damian takes the first few pages of this issue to wrap up some of the disagreements from last month’s skirmish between the Robins. Basically, that means that Damian goes to the hideout of Jason Todd (Red Hood) and has a “discussion” about which one is the better Robin and why Jason was always a failure. Yet again, Damian raises his status even higher on my rankings of the various Robins. If he keeps this up, he’ll take Tim’s spot at #2.

Now back to Terminus and his attack on Batman. It seems that Terminus’ gang, which is made up of a varied group of oddball criminals that Batman has done serious physical harm to in the past, are attacking people all over Gotham and branding them with a bat symbol. With Terminus actually watching a clock that’s counting down to his death, his gang’s strikes are quick and many, leaving both Batman and the Gotham City PD seriously out-gunned and out-manned. In Terminus’ attack, people are hurt, buildings are destroyed, and the villain’s end-game goal is revealed.

This issue ramps up the story after last month’s lackluster ‘War of the Robins’ issue and has me curious about who and what exactly is Terminus. It looks like it is yet another great new villain in the New 52 Universe.

As an added bonus, aside from that opening salvo with Dick vs Jason, we’re treated to more Damian as he battles Terminus’ team of misfits and it’s quite fun to watch. I don’t know if, with his arrogant personaity, Damian could carry his own title but I’d like to see DC give it a shot… even if were only for a mini-series.

Verdict: Buy

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art and Cover by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray