It may not be based directly on the comic books but that’s not stopping CW’s new superhero drama ‘Arrow’ from getting some great word of mouth after a screening at the San Diego Comic-Con this week.

For those of us not at SDCC, CW has graciously released these four promo images of Stephen Amell both as Oliver Queen and his alter ego Green Arrow. One of them has been seen before in Entertainment Weekly, but not in hi-res.

Even better, though, is that CW has also released a new clip from the show which shows us the direction that they’re going with this one. And, while it’s intended to replace ‘Smallville’, it looks like ‘Arrow’ is going to be a much more brutal hero.

‘Arrow’ Sneak Peek:

Now I can’t wait for his inevitable face-off with Deathstroke.

And while we’re waiting on the October 10th premiere, be sure to check out these behind the scenes images and the first trailer for ‘Arrow’.