It’s been several months since we last heard news about the ‘Stretch Armstrong’ movie and if you thought that meant the film went into development limbo, then think again as it looks like the movie is moving forward with Breck Eisner at the helm.

While it may seem that Relativity has not done much with the film since acquiring the rights back in January, they have been quietly developing the project hiring Dean Georgaris (‘Laura Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life,’ ‘The Manchurain Candidate,’ ‘Tristan + Isolde’) to scribe the screenplay. Now they are in talks with Eisner (who is best known for directing the 2010 horror/sci-fi film ‘The Crazies’ and the film ‘Sahara’) to direct.

You may recall, ‘Stretch Armstrong’ started as a project at Universal just when the studio had made a deal with Hasbro to develop films based on some of their popular games such as ‘Monopoly,’ ‘Ouija,’ ‘Candyland,’ and ‘Battleship.’ At the time, Taylor Lautner (before he was cast as the lead in ‘Abduction’) was attached to the film to play the lead but has since dropped out. Universal went ahead with ‘Battleship,’ but due to budgetary concerns, dropped the other games-to-film projects leaving Relativity the opportunity to pick up the rights to ‘Stretch Armstrong.’

Whether the film will take on a comedic flair or be an action-oriented flick is still unknown, but with an April 11, 2014 release date already on the books, you can be sure that more information and casting news will soon be released.

Source: THR