After a strong midnight opening last Monday night and then a record-breaking official opening on Tuesday, it will come as no surprise the Sony Pictures’ ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ has taken the number one spot at the box office in it’s actual opening weekend.

The movie, a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise with Andrew Garfield in the title role, brought in $65 million over the weekend, giving the film an opening week total of $140 million here in the states and $341 million when you count worldwide gross. So to the fans who questioned whether Sony was smart to reboot the franchise after the travesty that was ‘Spider-Man 3’, the answer is apparently a resounding “yes”!

Holding on to the #2 spot is last week’s #1, ‘Ted’, the raunchy first film from ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth McFarlane and starring Mark Wahlberg. ‘Ted’ brought in another $32.6 million over the weekend, bringing its two week total to $120 million.

Disney/Pixar’s ‘Brave’ held on to the #3 spot in its third week out. The celtic adventure about a young princess that doesn’t want to conform to her societies rules brought in $20.2 million over the weekend.

Looking at the rest of the top 10, it seems that the sci-fi reign at the box office that was going full force during the time of ‘Avengers’, ‘Prometheus’, and ‘Battleship’ has officially ended. Despite holding the #1 spot, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ is the only real sci-fi related film on the list. The rest of the top ten is rounded out by Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’ ($16.2 million), stripper drama ‘Magic Mike ($15.6 million), why-oh-why-do-they-keep-making-these-movies ‘Madea’s Witness Protection’ ($10.2 million), Dreamworks’ kiddie flick ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ ($7.7 million), the Katy Perry biographic documentary ‘Part of Me’ ($7.15 million), Wes Anderson’s new dramedy ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ ($4.64 million), and Woody Allen’s latest comedy ‘To Rome with Love’ ($3.5 million).

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy comes to a close on July 20th with the release of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and it looks like that might be the last tent-pole sci-fi release of the summer. But, from the trailers for ‘Dark Knight Rises’, it looks like the summer’s going to go out with a bang… literally.