Instead of going through the usual route of filming a pilot then showing it to network executives to determine if it’s worthy of a spot on their schedule, A&E has ordered the origin project ‘Bates Motel’ straight to series.

Several months ago it was reported that ‘Lost’ show runner Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin (‘Inspector Gadget,’ ‘Bionic Woman’ reboot, ‘Parenthood,’ ‘Friday Night Lights’) would be executive producing the series which would focus on the early years of Norman Bates’ dark and twisted formative life. The series would explain how the relationship he had with his mother and her lover would eventually turn him into the infamous serial killer of all time in cinematic history. Anthony Cipriano (who is also listed as an EP) wrote the first episode.

In a joint statement Bob DeBietetto, President and GM of A&E, and David McKillop, Executive Vice President of Programming, had this to say about the series, “We are proud to be partnering with Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin on their thrilling reinvention of one of the most compelling characters in cinematic history. It’s a provocative project from two of the best storytellers in the business and we’re looking forward to getting started.”

‘Bates Motel’ will premiere on A&E in 2013 for a 10 episode run. (Unfortunately those with DISH satellite service will not be able to watch it.) Now that the series has been placed on the fast track, casting and pre-production will begin immediately.

Source: Variety