Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – we got THE best line of all Fae history from Kenzi while in Dyson’s body, “Ah, Bobo… I got the wolf junk babe!”  It never gets old. Really it doesn’t. Also, Bo got a visit from creepy girl child, the Nain Rogue. The little demon seed is the harbinger of doom so the rest of the season should be interesting.

Here there be SPOILERS….

This week’s episode opens with Bo doing the succubus-slam in a limo while Kenzi is on the phone with Trick discussing Sunday diner. As usual Kenz gets another brilliant line once Bo is done “healing” – “Hey sugar crotch! How was the car service?” Kenz can’t seem to get a straight answer out of Bo though about diner with the Trickster. Kenzi, “Do you owe big on your bar tab?” Bo drops the bomb about the Nain Rogue vision (that vision that shows Bo killing Trick.). That kind of kills the urge to hang with the Trickster. Bo gets a call from Lauren so she takes off in a run. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman is taking pictures of Bo and Kenzi from afar.

Bo and Kenzi find Lauren in a warehouse with a busted up Fae MMA fighter named Oscar. He says a Fae didn’t knock him into next week; it was a human. He tells them about a human fighting ring run by a Light Fae owner named Ferraro. One human in particular kept winning so folks were getting bored. Ferraro decided to bring him in since he’s an Ogre. Bo, “A human cock fighting ring?” Kenzi, “Keep the joke inside. Keep the joke inside.” Bo’s going to shut down this inhumane cock fight.

She goes to Dyson for help. He doesn’t believe Bo. Ferraro is a pillar of the community with countless charities so if Bo wants Dyson to do anything she’s got to have proof – really good proof. He knows Bo doesn’t like that the Fae use humans but in their world it isn’t against the law. Even if Ferraro has got Fae taking on humans it’ll only be a slap on the wrist. If he’s giving humans Fae powers then Dyson can do something. So Bo’s got to find that kind of proof.

Kenzi sums up the VERY reason I watch MMA “Fighters! Scrumptious barbarians clutching each other’s half naked bodies while writhing on the floor. I’m on my way Bobo!” She can’t get out the door though without running into the lady photographer that was taking secret pictures of them earlier. She shows Kenz a picture of a very young Bo (ala big hair 80’s) and tells her she’s living with a monster.

At a fighting gym, Ferraro pumps up a fighter named Mikey. He’s not impressed with our Bo when she walks in. Looks like Bo’s gotta go under cover. She tells him she’s there to fight. He calls over a friggin huge amazon named Thrasher.

Kenzi gets the scoop from the photographer. She’s been hunting Bo/Beth down since high school – private investigators, reporters, friends on the force whatever scraps she can dig up. She caught a break when she heard about a murder that sounded familiar – a guy was found dead with a smile on his face. Bo/Beth used to date her brother Kyle. One night Kyle and Bo/Beth went out on a date. They found his body the next morning. Bo/Beth had vanished.

Thrasher is kicking Bo’s ass! The tides turn when Bo pulls a hidden little chi suck and flips Thrasher into a submission hold forcing her to tap out. Ferraro is impressed so he’s willing to give her a deal. After he closes the door to his office he turns to face Bo with funky bumpy knuckles I’m sure are grown to hurt a person real bad and he says, “Now who the Fae are you?” She cools him off with the truth. She’s unaligned so it’s hard to find decent work. Oscar, the ogre, told her she should look up Ferraro if she needed a job. He tells her she’s in the fight tonight so she better get to working out.

Kenzi tells this gal she doesn’t believe that Beth and Bo are the same person. Her Bo would NEVER do anything like kill a guy. The lady wants to call the police but Kenzi tells her they can call a homicide detective friend instead.

Bo goes over to talk with the super human fighter, Mike. She asks what his “secret” is but Mike keeps telling her he’s clean because he’s got to set a good example for his kid. Then Ferraro jumps all over him for bringing his kid into the gym. Ferraro smacks him upside the head like a child. Mike goes all ‘Hulk smash’ and yells “Stop hitting me!” then pulls a punching bag down from its hanger and tosses it like a basketball. He turns kind of red in the face and then passes out. His son looks on scared

Kenzi takes the lady down to police headquarters to talk to Hale. He ensures that the matter will get their full attention. He then asks her to step out a moment while he speaks to Kenzi. Kenzi has to literally beg Hale to help. His hands are tied because Bo’s not Light Fae but he agrees to talk this lady out of the investigation.

Bo tries to talk to Mike about the rage. He just doesn’t remember. He sometimes blacks out but it’s usually only in the ring. He tells her a while back he was just an ok fighter. He got beat up really bad one night and after that he just started winning. She asks if Ferraro is giving him a boost but he swears he’s clean. His son comes in with a bottle of milky white liquid – Ferraro sent it to keep his strength up. (He’s clean huh?)

Bo gets her hands on that bottle and delivers it to Dyson for testing. If there’s anything illegal in it then Ferraro won’t be able to hide. For just a second the two of them look happy again like the old days. Dyson even smiles! But trouble walks in the room to spoil it all. Mel, Kyle’s sister walks out of the interrogation room and explodes with rage. Bo can’t believe Kenzi didn’t tell her that Mel was in town! (In Kenzi’s defense, when exactly was she supposed to tell Bo?!?!) Dyson’s completely lost.

At the succu-mansion Bo is packing her bags franticly and telling Kenzi her back story. Bo grew up on a farm. She went to church with her parents. She was normal. But when she hit puberty she started to feel different. She didn’t know how dangerous she was until that night with Kyle. She told her parents what happened and they broke down and told her she was adopted. She hated them for hiding it from her so she ran. Thankfully Dyson calls and whatever he says gets her to stay. She’s still mad as hell but at least she stops packing.

At the Dal – Dyson hands Bo a file. Mike is being doped with a concoction made from the secretions of the gumma saneen – an amphibian Fae. Bo, “So Mike’s been drinking frog sweat?” (GROSS!) Lauren says this stuff will give him extra strength but it will also kill him. Dyson’s got to get in to that fight. He’s got to get proof that Ferraro is this frog. But Bo can’t get Dyson in now because she’s got to leave town due to Mel. Dyson’s taken care of that situation – they’ve placed Mel under arrest on a psych evaluation. Bo doesn’t like it but reluctantly agrees to get him in.

While she’s getting ready for the fight Bo remembers the night with Kyle. Kenzi shows up for moral support. Bo tells her that she’s running when the fights done. Kenzi’s not letting her go alone, “Well that makes two of us.” (I so heart you Kenzi!)

It’s fight time!! Bo enters the cage (not your typical octagon) with the stage name Boom Boom. In this fight there are no rules. (the first rule of Fight Club… come on! I know y’all were thinking it too! Or were you thinking ‘two men enter one man leaves?’ Ya me too.) Bo gets distracted by another Kyle memory. She gets her head back in the fight but she’s letting Thrasher knock the ever living Fae out of her. This, however, gives Dyson enough time to find out that Ferraro is not the frog.

After the fight, Dyson takes Bo back to his place. He keeps insisting that Bo take a bit of chi to heal but Bo refuses. She throws a hissy fit about not wanting to be Fae anymore. Dyson was able to bust Lauren out for a bit so she can help so he leaves the two alone. Bo continues with her Emo rant – she thinks she’s a monster for killing that boy and running. Lauren yells at her saying she’s a different person now – a person that she loves. Then Lauren admits that she’s trying everything she can to wake Nadia but her feelings are all mixed up. She’s lost. (THIS is the scene people. THIS is the scene where I feel Lauren is FINALLY being honest with Bo! This is the moment when I begin to support Lauren. This is a scene that breaks my heart.)

Dyson presents the fighting information before the Ash. And the Ash orders him to stand down. (Curiouser and curiouser.)

Hale has the hard task of talking to Mel when they release her.

At the Dal – Bo tries to come up with a plan. Dyson tries to pull a Trick and get Bo to talk about her past but she’s not going for it – she wants to stick to Ferraro. If Ferraro isn’t the one juicing Mike then who is?

We get to see who is – his son IS the frog. He’s the one that’s been ‘sweating’ into Mike’s power drinks. (Gross.)

Dyson finds an old police file that talks about a Fae couple that die in a car accident. Their child goes missing. Mike was a fireman on the scene. Bo puts two and two together to come up with Tyler.

In the locker room Mike gets a nice healthy dose of frog power from his son then heads off to fight. Bo tries to stop Mike once the fight begins but it’s just too loud for Mike to hear. She finds and admits to Tyler she knows how special he is but he’s got to stop his dad because if he gets angry again or he will die. Too late – Mike’s face starts to turn red. Tyler runs in the ring and admits to poisoning his dad. He then turns green and warty to prove it. (That’s one way to come out with your Fae.) Mike calls it quits with the fight but Ferraro tells them it’s not over till it’s over. Bo saves the day by jumping on the ginormous Obsidian Fae and sucking the chi out of him. Meanwhile Dyson takes out Ferraro.

Safely at the Dal – Bo apologizes for being mean to Kenzi and says they aren’t running. She’s also going to tell Mel the truth.

At the succu-mansion – Bo tries to tell Mel the truth but she already “knows.” The police told her everything. There was a serial killer and Bo is in witness protection. (It’s good to have friends on the police force. Bo doesn’t look the least bit relieved about this though.)

At the Dal – Bo fusses out Hale for lying. Trick explains that he talked Hale into the lie. The Fae need to stay hidden. Sometimes they have to lie for the greater good. He tells her she can stop thinking as an outsider because she has a place with the Fae. The Nain Rogue came to her – that’s special. Bo comes clean on the Nan Rogue vision. Trick thinks you can’t put any stock in visions. It never means what it looks like it does. But this defiantly has Trick ruffled.

Later, Thrasher is busted by Ferraro riffling through his office. The Ash comes in to reveal his little spy – Thrasher has been working for him all along. Ferraro can’t help what he’s done. The darkness has been welling up inside him making him do more and more bad things. He needs help. The Ash asks if he’s told anyone about this and Ferraro hasn’t. As you think the Ash is about to leave he turns and closes the door. Now we get to see what the Ash is really like – a big mouth full of sharp menacing teeth!

What the Fae was THAT all about?! Is Lachlan actually Dark Fae? What’s his dealeo?! Aside from this little tidbit at the end I’d say this episode was a bit flat. I know there are 22 episodes in this season so I need to be patient but these ‘fluff’ episodes kill me. What do you think?

Stay Fae y’all!

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