Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – a 2,000 year old Lich gave Bo and Lauren one more piece to the puzzle that will free Nadia.

Here there be SPOILERS….

Kenzi struts in to gaze upon her newest pair of shoes – “I’m so jealous of my feet.” But Bo’s really not paying much attention. She’s got her nose stuck in the book “Life, not love: Learning to like yourself alone.” (A succubus reading a self-help book! Priceless!) Kenzi, “We are going out. A: we cannot deny the world a chance to witness my stems in these kicks.” Bo just can’t seem to bring herself to run into Dyson and Ciara but Kenzi has a plan of hotness that might help. (I love Kenzi’s ‘plans’)

At the Dal – Bingo night has turned out to be a bust. The only people in the bar are Hale and Dyson and they’re just there to play pool. Bo is rockin a new Joan Jet meets Betty Page kind of look and Dyson is fast to acknowledge it. Meanwhile, Hale is just as fast to notice Kenzi’s new kicks. At least the guys have manners. But just as Bo thinks that awkward moment is behind her in walks Lauren.

Meanwhile in the back of the bar a rather koo koo for cocoa puffs is injecting something into the beer vat.

None of the books Lauren got from Trick have information on the darkest of dark witch doctors. Trick warns her that messing with witch doctors can be crazy dangerous. (I told the witch doctor I was in love with you and then the witch doctor he told me what to do, he said… sing it with me!) At the moment Trick has his own worries with all that’s going on around town. He thought a bingo night would liven things up. Lauren, “Two words Trick – mechanical bull.” (That’s one thing I just could never see in the Dal. A real bull? Absolutely.)

Bo offers up an olive branch (ala beer) to Dyson. She suggests they try being real friends for a change. Just when things start looking better between them, Ciara walks in acting all crazed jealous girlfriend. I don’t blame her. Dyson told her he was going to go catch a few beers with the guys but instead she finds him having drinks with Bo. She’s sick of everyone walking on egg shells when she and Bo are in a room. She wants to know what’s going on. Dyson sticks his paw in his mouth by saying it was nothing. This gets Bo a bit peeved. He does a back peddle just saying he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Before more love triangle poo can be flung a serious redneck enters the Dal. His name is Woods, he’s tracking a man named Raynard and nobody’s leaving. He’s placed a containment field around the Dal that just might kill anyone that tries to leave. (That’s handy.) Raynard could be hiding IN any one of them. Woods fills them in on what happened. Raynard’s shrink was a gorgon – she would inject her blood to “get under her patient’s skin” and learn what made them tick. Raynard broke her neck and escaped with one of her syringes. Remember the guy injecting the beer earlier? Yaaaaa Dyson finds him passed out in the back.

Bad news – Raynard also ingested the gorgon’s blood and since he’s passed out he could be in anyone that drank the beer. Kenzi, “hey guys, how would I know if a dude has been inside me?” Hale, “been a while?” The only one that hasn’t drunk is Trick so he’s Switzerland for this episode. So while Raynard is in someone, what happens to them?

We soon find out because Bo wakes up on a pool table in a foggy version of the Dal with only that creepy little girl from the carnival episode. You remember – the Nain Rouge. Harbinger of Doom? Ya that creepy girl. She informs Bo she’s stuck in hamistagan or in plain English – limbo.

Woods thinks they might be able to find Raynard if folks are observant. They all seem know each other pretty well so it shouldn’t be hard. Ciara, however, makes is snidely clear that she doesn’t know anyone.

Back in hamistagan – Bo, “Spill it demon seed. There’s got to be more to you than my personal stalker.” Bo wants the Nain Rouge to explain why she keeps following her – why is she always lurking around Bo? The Nain Rouge watches events of importance. Bo is significant. (I love the intonation the little actress give this word. She has a slight pause as though she’s choosing her words wisely.) The extinction of the Fae is upon them. The Nain Rouge decrees, “It is to be unless you, Isabeau fulfill your destiny.” She then shows Bo a very dark vision – she kills Trick. (No way! You can’t kill Trick! And random side note – I love that they used the name Isabeau! It takes me back to Ladyhawke!)

Back in the real Dal –Dyson and Trick are across the room discussing Woods. He’s a bounty hunter that can create containment fields so that means he’s a barraro – a born tracker that will do whatever it takes, even break the law, to catch his prey. Bo is talking like a complete nut case next to Ciara at the end of the bar. Kenzi takes note and once Bo compliments her shoes she knows for a fact, “Yo Boba Fett! I think I know where Raynard is hiding!” That would be in the Bo that now has Kenzi in a headlock. Bo/Raynard, “I could snap this girl’s neck like a twig. Talk about ironic! That would break Bo’s heart!” Dyson’s not going to let him do it. But as Raynard points out Dyson would be hurting his precious Bo and she’d be stuck in limbo. (Sticky situation!)

Speaking of limbo – Bo is now searching for a way out. The Nain Rouge is no help since she’s not the one that sent Bo here in the first place. (What exactly is this half pint good for?!?!) Three doors around the room begin to glow. The Nain Rouge’s advice is to follow the light. (Stay away from the light Carol Anne!!) Bo does a little “eenie, meenie, minie, mo” and picks a door. Nain Rouge, “this is going to get messy.”

All hell breaks loose in the real Dal. Kenzi shouts, “Hey Woods! You better not go all UFC on my BFF!” (aaaah I love these writers! Who else can toss in an MMA reference with fairy mythology?) Suddenly Bo/Raynard convulses and coughs out a dark shadow. The shadow first jumps into Woods then travels the room jumping in and out of everyone but Trick. Kenzi growls, “why are my pants so tight?” Dyson frantically smacks at his face, “what the hell’s on my face?!” Trick, “I’ll get the nametags.” This is going to be a long and confusing night.

Trick goes around the room for a role call. A really bad southern twang and the words “Mississippi craw dad” comes pouring out of Bo’s mouth so she gets a Woods tag. So Bo is in Woods. Next is THE best line of all ‘Lost Girl’ history. Kenzi-in-Dyson looks down inside his pants and says “Ah, Bobo… I got the wolf junk babe!” She/he then does the most Kenzi of Kenzi butt smacking dances! “Check me out! Kickin’ it on the wolf man! Yeah!” (Kris Holden-Reid out did himself with the acting this episode! He has Ksenia Solo mastered! I laughed for DAYS and I had to watch this season 50 times at least!) Dyson-in-Kenzi tells her to go sit down before she breaks something. But wait! There’s more! Kenzi-in-Dyson says “Roger that. Wow did you hear my voice? That was like so sexy. Roger.” Again but this time a little deeper “Roger.” (I totally LURV Kenzi!)

Trick slaps a Kenzi tag on Dyson and a Dyson tag on Kenzi. Who’s left? Hale walks forward with a “Ciara.” And Ciara comes forward with a “and I’m Hale.” He represents every adolescent male (that would be every male because y’all know you’re still adolescent boys trapped in bigger bodies) by taking a moment to fondle Ciara’s – I mean his… boobage. (Way to go Hale. Classy.) Lauren speaks out that Kenzi isn’t Dyson; she is. Dyson-in-Kenzi grows. (Oh ya that’s Dyson.) Woods-in-Bo want to end it and gut them both. Everyone else wants to figure out which is which.

So here’s the run down:
Kenzi = Dyson and vice versa
Bo = Woods and vice versa
Ciara = Hale and vice versa
Lauren = … oh crap! There’s no Lauren in the group, so that means she’s in limbo, so THAT means Raynard is in Lauren!

They all start tossing random questions at the two – where was Dyson born, favorite food, favorite position. (Could the writers not let them answer these?!?! Come on!!) Hale-in-Ciara randomly admits he/she wants to kiss Kenzi-in-Dyson. (oh now hey! This is SO Freudian! Is the feeling just a biological remnant from Ciara? Is Hale admitting to feeling a desire for Kenzi? Is Hale admitting to a desire for is pal Dyson? I could do a whole case study on this alone!) Bo-in-Woods finally asks the question “where’s Lauren?” If she’s in limbo she’ll have to play with the Nain Rouge. Trick’s ears light up. He wants to know more and right now! He takes Bo-in-Woods to the back room. She admits she’s seen the Nain Rouge before. This ticks off Trick a bit. Bo, “What was I going to say? I’ve seemed to have attracted some boarding school groupie?” The Nain Rouge rarely appears and when she does trouble is near. Bo won’t tell him about the “killing him” vision.

All hell is breaking loose in the other room. Woods-in-Bo tosses Dyson-in-Kenzi aside then takes Lauren by the throat. Kenzi-in-Dyson is able to get him/her off Lauren but then Woods-in-Bo turns with a vacant look on her face as her eyes turn blue. Bo’s body is hungry. The first person she latches onto is Hale-in-Ciara, draining him/her of all life. More pandemonium! Ciara-in-Hale is dumbstruck! She just watched her body die! While everyone is focused on Hale-in-Ciara, Raynard-in-Lauren slips quietly out the front door.

Bo-in-Woods and Ciara-in-Hale have a sweet little tete-a-tete. Ciara-in-Hale wants Bo-in-Woods to take care of Dyson. She saw a picture of them together; they were laughing and happy. She knows there used to be something there. Bo-in-Woods admits that she was happy then, but things change. She will make one promise though; when she gets back into her own body she will breath Ciara’s chi back into her body.

Where would Raynard go? Woods-in-Bo says Raynard thrives on chaos. He will draw on and be fueled by Lauren’s deepest desires. That would be the Ash. Raynard is going to go kill the Ash.

Bo-in-Dyson tries to manipulate Wood’s abilities to release the containment field. All she/he succeds in doing is scorching a rug. The containment field turns a Fae’s abilities back on him/herself. So it’s not designed to contain humans! That’s how Raynard-in-Lauren got out! That means the only one that can go after him is Dyson-in-Kenzi!

Kenzi-in-Dyson is slamming back the shots at the bar. It takes more to get Dyson’s body drunk. FINALLY we get to see Hale kiss Kenzi!!! Ok so its Ciara-in-Hale and Dyson-in-Kenzi but still – Hale kisses Kenzi!! Before Dyson-in-Kenzi can leave Kenzi-in-Dyson yells, “Dude! Boobie trap!” (GOONIES!!!) Dyson-in-Kenzi swears he won’t get her body hurt.

Raynard-in-Lauren is playing crazy doctor in Lauren’s lab. (Zoie Palmer is absofrigginlutely brilliant in this role! She plays crazy like no one I’ve ever seen before!) He/she prepares to kill the Ash and start a little war to boot.

Kenzi-in-Dyson is so completely impressed with the will power of Bo, “he was in your body for what like ten minutes before he death sucked Ciara like an evil vacuum?” Bo-in-Woods wants to know the answers to the tough questions – what’s it like in there? Can you feel what he feels? Does Dyson love Ciara? Kenzi-in-Dyson can’t tell her. It’s his most private emotions. She/he doesn’t feel right outing him like that.

Dyson-in-Kenzi arrives at the Light compound to find Raynard-in-Lauren with a syringe to the Ash’s neck. Raynard-in-Lauren must have a touch of the same flu the Nain Rouge has – he knows something is coming so he’s just speeding things along. Dyson-in-Kenzi moves just a wee bit closer and asks Lachlan if he’s renovated. He has but some of the more antiquated features remain. He then looks pointedly to Dyson-in-Kenzi’s feet and a blue glowing circle. Dyson-in-Kenzi agrees he’s always like the old floor then taps twice with his/her heel. (Those really are some fine heels Kenzi!) A bolt of lightning flashes down from the stained-glass window behind Raynard-in-Lauren and Lachlan shocking the ever living snot out of Raynard-in-Lauren. (She’s going to have a massive headache when she wakes up!)

Meanwhile back at the Dal – Kenzi-in-Dyson is contemplating the bathroom complexities of sharing a body when Woods-in-Bo informs everyone that he’s locked Trick in the basement and plans to torch the Dal to the ground. He can’t have the Light Fae finding out about any of this. Kenzi-in-Dyson successfully wolfs out a bit to keep Woods-in-Bo from going Firestarter. Trick shows up just in time to blow fairy dust in Woods-in-Bo’s face. Dyson-in-Kenzi arrives with a dazed Raynard-in-Lauren.

Trick can reverse everything with a transluminal migration circle. (Twowubbawho?) He places Raynard’s body, Raynard-in-Lauren and Hale-in-Ciara in a circle then has everyone else join them. After a bit of chanting the black moke swirls around from each person again and POOF everyone is back to normal. Bo-in-Bo is able to blow the chi back into Ciara.

Hale escorts Lauren home. Dyson thanks Bo for helping but Ciara doesn’t think a simple “thank you” is enough. She gives Bo a big ‘ol fat hug. Dyson then tells Kenzi, “you are weak, pathetic and you need glasses.” Kenzi responds “Oh wow that’s kind of mean.” But Dyson isn’t done, “It’s a miracle you’ve survived this long Kenz. You just might be the strongest person I have ever met.” Kenzi learned a few thing while she was inside Dyson. He has a hole in his heart. Dyson just nods.

Trick and Bo have a talk about the Nain Rouge. The only things Bo is willing to admit is that something bad is coming and that the Nain Rouge called her Isabeau. Trick is concerned about the “something bad” but just shrugs his shoulders about the Isabeau.

In the Light Fae compound – Lachlan wants security increased – two men on every entrance. He’s sweating bullets. Once his men have gone he crouches down behind his desk and unlocks a chest. Inside is a hidden compartment holding a HEAD! His head! What is that?!

Holy wow wow! There just isn’t time in the day or enough text to describe my delight with this episode! We find out Lachlan has another head! Bo talks to the Nain Rouge again and sees the death of Trick! Kenzi handles Dyson’s body even better than he does! This was awesome! If the rest of the season can keep up this level of writing I’ll be one very happy geek girl!!

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