Last week, we traveled to Avista City for the tech stone, one of the power stones the ThunderCats need to defeat Mumm-Ra. This week opens with the cats in the trash heap with Vultair standing above the pit explaining that this is their punishment. Horace pulls a lever, opening the pit and starting the process to dump the cats from the air.

However, some guards appear and tell Vultair of a fleet of vessels coming to attack the city. Lion-O tells him it’s Mumm-Ra, coming for the power stone, and Pumyra comments that they need a few “feral barbarians” on his side. And what with Vultair’s theory that the enemy of my enemy is my friend … well then the cats are spared for now.

Down on the ground, WilyKat and WilyKit are trying to raise allies to go rescue Lion-O and the others. They’re hitting up everyone the cats have helped on Third Earth, and start with the fish people. Who give a bit of an ambiguous answer.

Vultair and the cats stand on the platform of Avista City, watching the lizards fly at them in massive battleships. Tygra leaps into Vultair’s own vessel, forcing him to take another ship. Lion-O, Pumyra, and the others meanwhile man the guns of Avista City.

The sky-battle is going poorly for the birds at first. Tygra realizes it’s the birds’ tendency to fight in formation. So he breaks them off and the tide of battle begins to turn a bit, but then Vultair pulls the birds back into formation.

And then the battle turns against the cats because, well, Mumm-Ra offers the birds the chance to join with him. Of course Vultair, being an opportunistic sort, takes the deal. He fires a rocket against Tygra, knocking him out of the sky.

The lizards then land on the deck of Avista City, forcing Lion-O and Pumyra to race into the stone chamber while Panthro and Cheetara try to hold them off. Pumyra tells Lion-O they need to take the stone before Mumm-Ra gets there. But Lion-O won’t doom the thousands of Avistans. Mumm-Ra, however, has no qualms about doing so. And he blasts Pumyra with a power blast to prove his point.

The battle is soon joined once Mumm-Ra turns into his ever-living form and attacks with the Sword of Plun-Darr, which is the original wherein the four power stones showcase their true potential. Riiight, sure old man.

Out on the deck, Tygra is dragged to his feet by Addicus. He curses Vultair for turning against them, but of course that vulture is a politician. Right before Addicus hurls Tygra off the city, Cheetara saves him. And wonders if their entire relationship is based on saving each other. Pretty much, eh?

Kit and Kat have hit up everyone on Third Earth by now, but of course with little success. So they decide to head back in failure. Or so it seems at least.

In the stone chamber, Lion-O continues the fight. Mumm-Ra tries to shove the sword against the power stone in the cat’s gauntlet, and it changes into armor that completely covers Lion-O’s arm. Mumm-Ra can hardly believe the power stone still protects the Thundercat king, despite him not being able to access its full potential. Umm, it’s because he’s Lion-O and therefore awesome.

Mumm-Ra snatches the tech stone from its perch, but Lion-O knocks it free before he can place it on the Sword of Plun-Darr and make use of its power. This triggers alarms that the city is falling, which outside sparks Kaynar to attack Panthro. The cats come out on top out on the deck though, and Panthro stops Tygra from attacking Vultair. They’ve got to help Lion-O after all. And boy does he need it.

Especially since Pumyra betrays him in the stone chamber. The tech stone lands near her, and Lion-O calls for her to hand it over. She tells him that he’s her king, but Mumm-Ra is her master. And so she hurls the stone to the ever-living creature, while Lion-O watches in horror.

Mumm-Ra then tells how Pumyra has been his–body and soul–since the day Thundera was taken. She fell in battle, waiting for a king who never came. Apparently she was trapped under some fallen wall while Lion-O fled the kingdom. Mumm-Ra saw her in the well of souls and used the ancient spirits to bring her back. She rushes Lion-O, declaring he would die as she did–helpless and alone.

Except Tygra knocks her aside and declares that he won’t be alone as long as they’re alive. Mumm-Ra knocks them all down … but not before WilyKit and WilyKat appear as back-up. Which seems paltry at first, since all we can see is one big fish man. But then they say the magic word for Tookit’s bag–and everyone appears. Berbils, Elephants, Fish and Dogs–they all came to help Lion-O and the combined team easily forces Mumm-Ra and Pumyra to flee. Hurray!

The city is still crashing though. Lion-O wants to keep it afloat, but Panthro says there isn’t enough energy. He can land it though, and switches the energy from every piece of machinery in the city. They land on the plains below and the Berbils set to work immediately.

Lion-O goes off by himself, depressed that he was taken as a fool. WilyKit shows him the truth, however, that different races of Third Earth are working together for the very first time. And the reason? Because Lion-O gave them something to believe in. So are they going to find the final stone now?

The ending, with Lion-O holding the Sword of Omens aloft, makes me think they’re definitely going to try.

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