There’s a rumor raging through the web that although Disney and Marvel studios are happy that ‘The Avengers’ is at the #3 spot in overall tickets sales domestically and internationally, they really want to reach for #1. So to give the movie a little push to the top, the studios are thinking of releasing a director’s cut of ‘The Avengers’ at the end of summer.

At first read, this may seem like a wild idea but if you consider that Joss Whedon’s version would add over 35 minutes of new and unseen footage, it might not be so crazy after all. The director’s cut version would be just over 3 hours long and although the material will undoubtedly be in the Blu-Ray version of the film released in the fall, it is a bit more exciting to watch it all on a big theater screen.

Currently, ‘The Avengers’ has earned $573.3 million domestically which is about $80 million less than the #2 film ‘Titanic’ at $658.6 million and close to $200 million less than the #1 domestic film of all time ‘Avatar’ which has earned $760.5 million so far. If (and I emphasize IF), Marvel and Disney do decide to release a director’s cut, it does have the capability of toppling ‘Avatar’ off the #1 position.

Of course this is all speculation as neither Disney nor has Marvel said anything officially about this possibility. The rumor was derived from a post from who was surmising a game plan for Disney if ‘The Avengers’ numbers were close enough to even be a #1 movie of all time. This rumor was then brought up again to SuperHero Authority by a Hollywood source who told them it was a possible option.

Again I would stress that right now this is hearsay but the thought of seeing ‘The Avengers’ again on the big screen with new footage does make me excited! I would definitely spend my money to see it. Would you?