Just as the hopes of Marvel fans were raised last week, they were quickly dashed today as news that the Iron Patriot will not be in ‘Iron Man 3.’ But wait! Didn’t we report that he was and even had photos? Well apparently there was a misidentification and the Caucasian in the suit was not James Badge Dale as previously thought.

Latino Review debunked the rumor by saying it wasn’t until they saw Don Cheadle on set that they realized that the suit was not that of Iron Patriot but of the War Machine with a new paint job. As for the so-called actor sighting? It wasn’t Dale but was a stunt man giving Cheadle a break. Apparently, the newly painted War Machine is also named Iron Patriot in the film but it’s not the Iron Patriot from the Dark Avengers. The scene in which the suit was caught on film had Tony Stark surrounded by some military personnel and is being described as the unveiling of the new suit.

Oh well. Such is life of fandom and the thought was good while it lasted. Although it would have been awesome to have the Iron Patriot storyline incorporated into ‘Iron Man 3,’ some are saying that it makes more sense to keep it out as the script is based on the ‘Extremis’ comic series which focuses on nanotechology. At least we know for certain A.I.M. will be in the film!

Production is continuing in North Carolina before it heads over to China later in the summer with Disney already scheduling this summer tentpole for May 3, 2013.