Jonah the Bottle Imp catches Ali Baba trying to escape the Snow Queen’s castle, but leaving Jonah’s bottle behind.  Lumi the Snow Queen appears and points out that his plan  won’t work because her ice regenerates too quickly for him to carve out handholds.  He returns to his chamber and points out that he was promised true love, yet Briar Rose gets queasy around him.  Jonah then points out that when Ali awakened the two beauties, he kissed Lumi first.

Last issue, Lumi revealed that she loved storytelling with a passion, so she is keeping Jonah in her service because he tells good stories.  Jonah fills in Ali Baba’s backstory, that after acquiring the wealth of the 40 thieves, he became bored and became a thief himself, just for the thrill.  Lumi punches holes in his story.  Jonah attempts to defend his tale, but Lumi won’t accept his defense.  She does, however, demand another story.  They fight back and forth and Jonah insists on finishing Briar Rose’s tale.

After Hadeon cursed Briar Rose to die early after pricking her finger, Leysa the Defender intervenes.  Hadeon interupted her gift to Briar Rose, so she uses her magic to protect Briar Rose.  She will still prick her finger, but instead of dying, her death would be dispersed to all those around her, putting them all into a magical coma.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) this happens every time her finger gets pricked and she must be kissed by “true love” to undo the spell.  Lumi bristles because this enchantment was used against her.

Jonah then brings up Lumi’s addiction to stories, pointing out that before Geppetto’s conquest, she filled her court with story tellers, yet after she joined forces with him, she abandoned this interest.  He states that she drank a mystical potion the made her loyal to Geppetto and made her forget her own interests.  By falling asleep due to Sleeping Beauty’s curse, she was actually freed.  Then when Ali Baba awakened her, he did her another favor.  Jonah challenges that Lumi owes them!  They are interrupted by Hadeon, who has detected that someone has been speaking her name repeatedly.  The ensuing destruction may or may not destroy those inside the castle.

Phil Jiminez’s art continues to shine in this book.  Man, he draws fabulous women!  His work is so intricate and detailed!  It looks amazing.  It was also nice to wrap up Sleeping Beauty’s story, although most of us know it.  Ali Baba’s had a nice twist as well.  But it almost feels like the real story is just beginning.  I’m looking forward to the next issue!

Verdict: Buy

Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Phil Jiminez
Cover by Adam Hughes