In honor of Father’s Day (which is Sunday, June 17th this year), I have scoured the pages of for you for a presentation I like to call “10 Awesome Things to Get Your Dad This Year To Prove You Appreciate Him for Paying for College.”  Feel free to fill in “college” with “your first car” or “that time we don’t talk about where you briefly ended up in jail.”  Let’s begin!

Captain America Polo Shirt

Starting at $39.99

This is a shirt for all the business-minded golfing dads out there: a classy polo shirt with a simple logo to show the world he still believes in heroes.  Imagine your dad bragging to his friends, “Oh, this? Oh, my kid just thinks I have amazing physical strength and patriotism.”  I like this shirt because the logo is there, but not huge and in-your-face.  Also available in the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, or Deadpool logos, sizes small to 3XL because we don’t judge.

Surgical Steel Plugs

Starting at $7.99

Alternative dads need gifts, too!  I am so tickled by these Superman plugs.  Made of surgical steel and available in sizes from 00g to 3/4″ so Dad can gradually step them up.

Marvel Travel Cup


I don’t know if you’re familiar with these newfangled cups they sell in the store these days – they’re double-walled so condensation will never build up on the outside of the cup and they have a permanent, reusable straw.  Yes!  You may dare to call them magic cups.  And doesn’t your dad deserve a magic cup that will save him from the sad calamity of a drippy drink?  Also comes in a Vader version.

Halo Wallet


Does your dad spend hours and hours fighting aliens hell-bent on our extinction?  This wallet is right up his alley!  Embossed with the symbol for the UNSC, this is a mature and fancy way to display gamer pride.  And the chain could be used as a weapon in a pinch!

Rorschach Bobble Head


Is your father a pensive man?  When you tell him about your day, does he silently take it all in and then offer cryptic advice?  Perched on his own mini Doomsday Clock, this bobblehead will always agree with your dad’s latest plan.  I find him slightly terrifying, which could work to his advantage.

Jedi Robe


I’m not even going to pretend to be cool about this, guys.  Do you SEE THIS JEDI ROBE?!  Can you imagine the awesome times you and your dad would have dressed up in a pair of these, fighting various menaces around the house?!  Pushing back the hood to deliver dramatic lines?!  Oh man, I wish someone would buy this for me!

Punisher Flip Flops


Finally, a little something for the laid-back dads who just want to have a good time at the summer BBQ while intimidating the neighborhood children with his Punisher skull flip-flops.  I like the distressed look that says “I may inflict pain on others, but I like shoes that feel as good as a well-worn t-shirt.”  Several sandal styles available if Punisher isn’t your dad’s thing.

Wolverine Keychain


Who’s messing with your dad’s keys?  No one’s messing with your dad’s keys.  This menacing keychain will let everyone know your dad is a man not to be trifled with.  Look at that – it’s like Wolverine is about to bite your hand for coming too close to the car keys!  This should be the Father’s Day present for any dad with a kid about to turn 16.  Keychains are plentiful at the site!

Batman Beach Towel


Dads may act tough, but they still need to protect their delicate selves from the harsh reality of beach sand or, even worse, pool cement.  What I love about this plush beach towel is if your dad positions himself just right, he rests on top of Batman’s figure and under the name, and then you know what?  Your dad is Batman.

Phaser Replica


If your dad is a Star Trek fan, what are you waiting for?  Click on this link already!  It’s a Wrath of Khan phaser replica and it makes sounds from the movie!  I had a hard time deciding between this and the Communicator.  The Communicator yells “Khaaaaaaaaaaan!” but is more expensive ($52.99).  I’ll leave it up to you to choose – you know your own dad best.

Of course, if you fall in love with any of these items, you could buy them for yourself.  I won’t tell and Dad will never know.  Or say you want to buy something for a certain blog writer who guided you to these awesome items.  That would be so considerate!  At any rate, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone at  Happy Father’s Day!