If you were near Twitter or Facebook last night, you likely saw your feed light up with a lot of ‘Game of Thrones’ season finale comments. It seemed like everyone was watching the extended season two finale to HBO’s sword and sorcery epic… and the numbers reflect that

According to Deadline, last night’s episode brought in 4.2 million viewers. This bested the season one finale by 1.2 million and makes the episode the most viewed of the two seasons thus far.

When you toss in the numbers for the 11:10pm rerun, 5.1 million people watched ‘Game of Thrones’ last night. And none of this counts all of the reruns that HBO will run or the viewers that watched it on HBO GO mere minutes after the episode aired on television. When you include those figures, the show has an average of 10.4 million viewers each episode. That’s a lot of fans of spoiled kings, beheadings, dragons, sex, and backstabbing!

Not one to rest, HBO is already going full steam ahead into ‘Game of Thrones’ season 3. The cast list is already being expanded and the word is out that the next season will only cover the first half of ‘A Storm of Swords’, the third book in George R.R. Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ series.

So what about you? Were you one of the 5.1 million people that tuned into see the epic conclusion to ‘Game of Thrones’ season 2? What are you looking forward to in seasons 3 and 4? Comment below and let us know!