Rebecca Ferguson

The upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ sequel ‘Doctor Sleep‘ has just gotten another big name attached as Rebecca Ferguson (‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’,’Life‘) has joined the cast! It looks as if she’ll be working with Ewan McGregor on the film which Warner Bros. has in development. For those who missed the news, Mike Flanagan is directing and he is no stranger to King’s work having previously adapted ‘Gerald’s Game’ for Netflix. Flanagan will be producing with Trevor Macy and Vertigo Entertainment’s Jon Berg.

We know that the film will center around McGregor’s Danny Torrance who was the child that had the shining ability in the original novel and movie. At this time we don’t know who Ferguson will be portraying. In the book we see Torrance battling the addictions that his father struggled with and teaming up with someone else who has “shining powers” to help ease the pain to those dying in a hospice. Only, the two soon go on the run when a group who feeds off those with power starts to chase them.

Chances are, we could see Ferguson as one of these evil characters as the other gifted person who Torrance is working with is much younger than him.

It isn’t clear if ‘Doctor Sleep’ will be a sequel to the original novel or movie (and we all know how much King hated what Stanley Kubrick did with ‘The Shining’).

This movie isn’t the only project that the studio has in development related to ‘The Shining’ as a prequel film ‘Overlook Hotel’ has been in development for years. However, budgetary issues have been holding it up in development hell.

Are you looking forward to seeing ‘Doctor Sleep’ when it is released? Do you think that it will follow the events from the original novel, film, or combination of the two? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Variety