Below are the top five moments of the show ‘The Secret Circle’ that wowed me and so many others. Plot details are discussed, so, you know…spoiler alert.

5. Faye goes deeper.

Not the relaxing soak it seemed

Up until the episode “Beneath,” Faye had been portrayed as little more than a pouty mean girl with an outrageous fashion budget. She was already my favorite character because of her barbed witticisms, but we finally saw a bit more into her psyche. Haunted by visions of herself as a child while at her grandfather’s lake house, Faye was vulnerable and sought help in the least likely place – Cassie.  This was also the episode where we learned Faye was not the promiscuous maneater she liked to portray herself as. Everyone likes to discover a bit of background to the story’s villain, and Faye did not disappoint.

4. Cassie goes dark.

"Wait...did you bring a coffin with you?"

Cassie really struggled with the dark magic she inherited from her father. When Diana’s grandmother offered her a way to cleanse herself of the darkness, Cassie jumped at the chance without reading the fine print. Her intentions were admirable – dark magic could only lead to trouble, right? But when the plan evolves to killing Cassie by burying her alive, it’s this dark magic that saves her. Her power literally explodes, propelling Cassie out of the ground, and giving Cassie a change of heart. I can’t say I blame her – if dark magic was what helped me escape a witchy murder, I’d keep it around too.

3. Adam and Cassie stop time.

Soooooo pretty.

Cassie arrived in Chance Harbor unaware of her witch heritage, but it didn’t take very long for Faye to drop the bomb on her. Understandably, Cassie is wary of magic as well as her would-be Circle. Adam tries a much gentler (and romantic) touch to show her just what their combined powers can do. The result is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen on television. Adam and Cassie alone in the woods with every drop of dew frozen in the air around them, catching and reflecting the light. Wouldn’t this be an awesome way to start each morning?

2. Sisters revealed!


There had been hints of another Blackwell sibling for a number of episodes, but the show did a deliberate mislead when Faye assumed that she was the other Dark Child of the group, bolstered by what seemed to be a confession in her mother’s old diary. The big reveal finally came in the episode “Crystal” as the gang searched for their family crystals. Barred from entering a cave that has been spelled against dark magic, Cassie discovers that goody-two-shoes Diana also was unable to enter.  Diana, of course, doesn’t understand what this means, but Cassie quickly puts two and two together. While Cassie is thrilled to have her friend as her sibling (as well as someone else to work through the dark magic with), Diana rejects their bond, which begins the strain on their relationship that eventually causes Diana to leave town.

1. Charles drowns Nick.

Charles and Nick

For me the most outrageous moment on the show was at the end of the episode “Slither.” A demon that had left the body of doomed victim Heather had moved into Melissa, but when Jane performed a spell on her, the demon (in the form of a worm/snake) jumped to Nick. The rest of the gang are too late to chase him. Demon Nick threatens Dawn and Charles arrives to save the day- only in this case playing the hero means drowning a teenager. For a moment it seems the demon has left and Nick calls out, but Charles keeps him underwater until he stops moving. It’s a shocking moment – unlike the Blackwell sibling, there was no foreshadowing – as well as incredibly sad. Nick and Melissa had just turned a corner in their relationship, and the Circle was just starting to get their magic under control. Charles is conflicted and overcome with guilt. He has morals, but what was the right decision in this case?

As you know, ‘The Secret Circle’ was cancelled and won’t be returning for a second season, so these are the stories we are left with. Which moments were the most incredible to you?