Warner Bros. is developing a new sci-fi film and has signed on Nic Mathieu and David Koepp to help bring the project to the big screen.

David Koepp

Koepp is a familiar name with an impressive list of screenplays he’s written. He has quite a bit of experience in the sci-fi field penning movies such as ‘Jurassic Park,’ the original Toby McGuire ‘Spider-Man’ film, Tom Cruise’s ‘War of the Worlds,’ ‘Angels and Demons,’ and most recently ‘Men in Black III.’ Koepp wrote the screenplay for ‘The Wind’ and will also be on board as a producer. Although the project is being kept under wraps by the studio, what is known is that the movie will take place on a space colony.

Instead of giving this project to a seasoned director to helm it, surprisingly Warner Bros. has decided that ‘The Wind’ would be a great vessel as a first film for director Nic Mathieu. What impressed the studio to give him this job was his confident presentation and his strong point of view as a filmmaker. Mathieu is better known in the commercials world directing spectacular commercials which show off his mastery in CG. One of his more recognizable commercials was the 2004 Super Bowl spot called ‘Turbulence’ for Cadillac. If you’re wondering how he would fare in the sci-fi genre, his ad for Zenith called ‘Stellar’ proves he could handle the work quite effectively. You can see for yourself in the videos below.

As for when ‘The Wind’ will blow into theaters? As with all projects in early development, it isn’t known, but so far having a director who’s very comfortable with CG and a writer who has several successful films under his belt, looks like it’s going in the right direction.

Commercials directed by Nic Mathieu:

Cadillac – ‘Turbulence’

Source: THR