About a month ago, the CW gave fans their first look at Stephen Amell in full costume as the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen from their upcoming adaptation called ‘Arrow’. Many fans complained that the first image was too dark and Amell’s face was shaded so it was kind of a cop out photo.

Now CW gives us a better, or at least more well lit, image of Amell as Queen. This time around, we get a look at Amell looking badass with his bow and arrow but sans his superhero costume. So we still don’t have a good look at the actual Green Arrow, but this photo is definitely better than the last one we got.

This new version of the Green Arrow mythos alters the character’s story some, but still sounds pretty cool. In addition to Amell, the show will star Katie Cassidy (‘Gossip Girl’) as Dinah Lance and Colin Donnell (‘Pan Am’) as Tommy Merlyn.

Also on the ‘Arrow’ front, USA Today is reporting that the CW will air the show on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST after their hit ‘Supernatural’ which is having a schedule shift.

What do you think? Is ‘Arrow’ the hero to replace the Superman drama ‘Smallville’? Or would you prefer a different DC hero on the small screen? What do you think of Amell’s look as Oliver Queen thus far? Comment below and let us know.

Update 5/17/2012 12:49pm EST: Just after posting this first image, CW put up a banner on several of their sites that show Oliver Queen in his new Green Arrow getup. It’s the same suit we saw before but now we get a bit clearer look at it. It also shows some of the other cast members. Check it out below!