Last week, Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ slammed into theaters, bringing in the largest domestic opening of any movie ever, trumping even the final ‘Harry Potter’ movie. It was also the fastest movie to hit $200,000.

Now in its second week, ‘The Avengers’ is breaking more records. With a domestic haul of $103.1 million at the box office, ‘Avengers’ now hold the record for highest-grossing second week in film history. The title was previously held by James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, which brought in $75.6 million in its second week. Probably even more impressive than the record breaking is that ‘The Avengers’ just broke $1 billion this past weekend as well. Yes… That’s billion with a “b”! Maybe now Marvel and Disney can take some of that cash and buy back their other characters (Spider-Man, Punisher, Fantastic Four) and put them under their Marvel movie banner. Well… one can hope.

Coming in second place at the box office this week was Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’, a movie reimagining of the classic soap opera melodrama. Critical reviews for ‘Dark Shadow’s have been pretty much unfavorable, so I expect this one is going to sink pretty quickly, especially with another genre film (‘Men in Black 3’) hitting in just a few weeks. It’s kind of sad actually since I was hoping against hope that Tim Burton would return to his goth form with this one. Oh well… we’ve still got ‘Frankenweenie’ to look forward to.

Rounding out the top five at the box office were: ‘Think Like a Man’ ($6.3 million), ‘The Hunger Games’ ($4.3 million), and ‘The Lucky One’ ($4 million).