In a move that’s not a surprise to us here at, CBS has announced the cancellation of the freshman show ‘A Gifted Man.’

The series which premiered in September was billed as a supernatural show about a “successive surgeon whose perspective on life and his career changes drastically when his deceased ex-wife begins to visit him from the afterlife.” The show was aimed at fans of ‘Medium’ and ‘Ghost Whisperer’ but fell incredibly short of its offer.

A Gifted Man’ aired on Friday nights at 8pm when it began but with 8.6 million viewers and a 1.4 adult demo rating, it was considered low-rated by CBS standards. In fact, this site started to recap the series, but after the pilot episode we stopped because our writer thought the series was a huge disappointment.

Although some fans may be upset with this news, one person who seemed quite relieved with the “official” news was the series’ star Patrick Wilson (‘The Warren Files,’ ‘Insidious’).  According to his tweets, he’s known for a couple months that ‘A Gifted Man’ would probably not return, but was waiting for the network to actually declare it. However, when CBS decided to make it “official”, they neglected to inform their star of their decision:

It’s interesting that not only did CBS managed to dupe the viewers about the real content of the series, but it appears they did the same to Wilson. What would have been a great show about a doctor who saw dead people and help them solve what crisis they need to solve, it became a show about one man who sees one corporeal ghost who guides him to become a better person. Too bad the ghost couldn’t help make this a better show.

So are you upset ‘A Gifted Man’ is cancelled? Did you even know it was on the air? Chime in below!