I’ve been hearing rumblings of an Avengers video game lately, and seeing as how popular the movie is, I assumed that the game would be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it turns out that my assumptions were wrong.

Today, Marvel announced their plans to team up with video game maker Ubisoft to deliver ‘The Avengers: Battle For Earth’, which will be based on the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline by Brian Michael Bendis and Lenil Francis Yu. The game will be released for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii this fall and will feature motion control elements and 20 characters including Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and more. If you read the series, I’m sure you could form some educated guesses as to the “and more” could be.

Tony Key, the US senior vice president of sales at Ubisoft, had this to say about the upcoming project:

“We are excited to team up with Marvel Entertainment to bring some of the most iconic comic book characters from the Marvel line-up to life in motion-gaming. Fans of the Marvel universe and superhero games are going to love the extensive combinations of characters, motion-controlled moves and competitive game play.”

As a refresher for those of you who are unfamiliar or who haven’t read ‘Secret Invasion’ in a while, let’s recap: Following the already universe-shattering ‘Civil War’, the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline involved a subversive, long-term invasion of Earth by the shape-shifting alien race, The Skrulls. Over many years, a good number of Marvel’s heroes and key players like Spider-Woman and Black Bolt were secretly replaced by Skrulls to shake things up on our world before unleashing an all out war on Earth. When the Avengers get wise to what’s going on, many events from the past few decades were questioned and the heroes were left not knowing who to trust among their allies because any one of them could be a Skrull.

That sounds like a pretty fun game, don’t you think? I’m curious to see some game play for this real soon. Maybe this will be the final push I need to finally get a next gen system, despite not having time to play very much.

Are you excited for this new Marvel video game? What do you think of the storyline? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below.