Before the “upfronts” are scheduled to occur, NBC has already announced that they have given a series order to the show ‘Revolution.’

If there was ever a show that screamed “this has to be a sci-fi series,” it has to be ‘Revolution.’ Written by Eric Kripke (creator of ‘Supernatural’), directed by Jon Favreau (who directed the ‘Iron Man’ movies and ‘Cowboys and Aliens’) and produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot (do I really need to list their accomplishments?), the series is described as an epic adventure thriller of a family who attempts to reunite with each other in a “world of empty cities, local militias and heroic freedom fighters, where every single piece of technology (computers, planes, cars, phones and lights) has mysteriously blackened out forever.”

The cast is pretty impressive with many of them already having played other characters in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Here’s who will be starring in the pilot:

Billy Burke (‘The Twilight Saga’ franchise, ‘Fringe’) in the lead role of Miles Matheson, “an amazingly resourceful man with a dark and dangerous side.

Giancarlo Esposito (‘Once Upon a Time’, ‘Breaking Bad’) as Captain Neville who happens to be a cunning hunter with a good heart.

Tracy Spiridakos  (‘Being Human’) who plays Charlie Matheson.

Anna Lise Phillips (‘Terra Nova’) who plays unarmed doctor Maggie.

David Lyons (‘The Cape’) as the charismatic Marine named Bass.

Maria Howell who will be a regal and fiercely intelligent obstetrician named Grace.

Andrea Roth (‘Ringer’, ‘Rescue Me’) as Rachael Matheson, the mother of two young kids.

JD Pardo (‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’, ‘Cinderella Story’) as Nate, an expert archer.

Zak Orth will play Aaron, a brilliant scientist left in a world where physics no longer follows the same rules.

Tim Guinee (‘Iron Man’, ‘Iron Man 2’) as Ben Matheson.

Since nothing was said otherwise, the series sounds like it will be starting in the fall as opposed to being a mid-season replacement show. Seeing that ‘Grimm’ has already been renewed for a second season, ‘Revolution’ can easily be aired as a lead in or be shown after making NBC’s Friday nights worth staying home for.

So are you impressed with the pedigree of ‘Revolution?’