This week starts with a recap of the last episode, and then picks up right where we left off–with Britten telling Hannah about Emma carrying Rex’s baby. She’s five months along right now, meaning she’s decided to keep the kid … and Hannah realizes that they need to figure out how they’re going to be involved in their grandbaby’s life before they leave.

Rex: Britten and Bird investigate the murder scene of one Dion Drigs, who’s been shot in the head and then had his game system and such stolen. It looks like Drigs was a drug dealer … except there’s no drugs. And then they walk down the hall and find a dead 80-something woman. Ms. King was in the wrong place at the wrong time apparently.

Britten and Bird chat with the landlord, who tells them Ms. King had faith in the community and refused to move out of the house. He tried to get her to leave, but to no avail. Outside, they discuss asking around the neighborhood–but Bird comments the landlord was right. Sometimes you have to know when to let go.

Hannah: Britten’s packing up his desk while Vega tries to cajole him into having a going away party. However, Britten’s dead-set on not having one. And then Harper enters and places Vega on a task force to catch a druglord who Britten’s got a massive file on. Britten objects, but Harper says that since he’s leaving in 3 days she needs someone who can close cases.

And then she’s soon meeting Carl, the man from Westfield Distribution in an apartment somewhere. That’s when we find out that Westfield was moving heroine–and their shipment has been sitting idle since Britten’s accident. Something Carl is not happy about.

Britten and Hannah go over to Emma’s house, where they meet her parents for the first time. Emma’s folks, who call themselves “progressive,” but decided without telling the Brittens first to go through with a closed adoption. Despite the lip-service Emma’s dad gives that it’s her decision, I don’t buy it. Sounds too much like those parents are bulldozing her.

In the car, Hannah realizes that Emma doesn’t really want to give the baby up for adoption. Britten didn’t pick up on it though … and so assumes she’s projecting her own emotions onto the girl. Not so sure. I think Hannah’s got the right of it.

Rex: Britten and Bird find the laptop at a pawn shop. The owner gives them the ID on the person who sold the laptop, and when they go to the address they find out the seller is living on the streets right now. So then they go ask all the homeless people for where the guy–Perry Jenkins–is living. They find him, but of course Perry pulls a runner.

Britten and Bird chase him through a rundown part of town until at last they corner the guy. He tells them he didn’t kill Dion–heck he doesn’t even recognize the name. What Perry does tell them is that he found the drugs and the game system in a dumpster behind the QuickMart. So then Britten and Bird go to the dumpster, where they soon find a video game controller. Well now this doesn’t make any sense–why would someone kill Drigs, steal his stuff, and then dump it? Curiouser and curiouser methinks.

Hannah: Hannah goes to the bookstore where Emma works for a chat with the mother of her grandbaby. She apologizes for the awkward night before, and offers her a glass water bottle for Emma to drink out of. Awww … grandma’s being nice. She asks Emma if it was really her decision to give the baby up for adoption, or if her parents were pushing her.

Then Emma accuses her of wanting to raise the baby and making this all about her. Hannah calls Britten, upset, thinking that she got her read of Emma wrong. Britten explains that sometimes we want something so badly that we become blind to everything else. Hmm — maybe he should take his own advice?

A news report praises Vega and the SWAT team for busting the drug lord so quickly. They show a wide-shot of the house, and Britten recognizes the house from the cover of a video game in the other world.

Rex: Britten digs out the game Crime Spree from the evidence locker. The game’s gone though, which leads Britten to believe maybe the game is in the console itself. They get a message from a player in Sweden, who knew Dion from playing Crime Spree in multiplayer.

The other player said Dion paused the game to go look after hearing a gunshot. Turns out Ms. King was killed before Dion–not after. And that’s when they figure out that the real victim wasn’t Dion Drigs. It was Maya King. Well now that’s a twist.

Bird and Britten talk to Pearl, who was Maya King’s best friend. Pearl’s not entirely there, though. She thinks Bird is her grandson Myron, and continues to believe so even though Bird tells her he’s not. Pearl reveals Maya was good friends with everyone, even with the gangbangers who hung around; they’d tip their hats to her and say “Good morning.”

Pearl also tells them there’s a lot of former residents of the building there. Mr. Wilson, the landlord, pays for them to live there even. And here’s the motive. Mr. Wilson wants to sell the entire block of buildings–a cool $10 million. Turns out Wilson couldn’t sell the building without the consent of the senior citizens living there, since they were all on rent control.

Hannah: Britten closes up a case file, then Harper walks over and comments they should have Britten’s desk bronzed. Britten reminisces about Harper back when she was a narcotics detective, and when he says she always had his back … well she gets a little squirrelly. Guess she doesn’t have it now, eh?

Rex: Bird walks in on Britten examining Curtis Wilson’s records. Britten’s uncovered a phone call from the 1800 block of Figueroa … specifically from a Mr. Milo Owens. Who also happens to be a heroin addict. So they pay him a visit.

Owens is thrown to the ground, and they soon find drugs under the mattress. They bring Owens in, where he’s informed they already know that he killed Maya and Dion. He tries to deny it, but Britten and Bird tell him that they really don’t care about him–all they want is who hired him. So he then admits Wilson hired him.

They force Milo to give Wilson a call. He asks for more money, and then Wilson agrees to meet him somewhere. They put a wire on Owens … who then asks for a hit of heroin before he goes through with this. Bird and Britten walk away, and Bird expresses disbelief that Owens can handle this. But Britten tells him if the guy looks nervous it’ll work in their favor.

At the park, Wilson almost doesn’t say anything. Then Milo gets in his face and gets him to admit to hiring the guy. And then they strike! Huzzah a crime is solved!

Hannah: Emma shows up at the Britten house, sobbing because she doesn’t want to give the kid up. Why do I think her parents kicked her out? Apparently being “progressive” involves railroading your daughter and not actually caring for her in her time of need. Good job, jerks.

Emma tells Hannah and Britten about how her parents kept trying to change her mind about her decision. Her parents pulled a “not under our roof” thing. Britten suggests Emma call her parents, since they probably don’t know where she is. But at least the Brittens will stand by her– so the kid has one set of cool grandparents.

Britten tells Hannah about his conversation with Emma’s dad. The jerkface is angry at the Brittens, since apparently it’s their fault Emma decided to keep the baby. And now the dad is bringing over a suitcase. Hannah and Britten make the decision to stick around–Hannah says she’ll call the movers and then Britten will have to call work.

They go to O’Malleys … where the Brittens show up for the going-away party that wasn’t, which is where Britten tells Harper that they’re not actually leaving Los Angeles. He lets her know about the grandbaby, and again Harper gets that squirelly look on her face. Whoops — looks like Carl’s threats mean something now.

Emma’s waiting up when they come home, watching ‘The X-Files’. The Brittens are about to go to bed…until Emma asks if they want to sit with her. The show “freaks her out,” but really I think she just wants the company. Awww … one happy family.

Next week — Britten realizes someone was trying to kill him. Dun dun duuuunnnn

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