Previously on Eureka…

The Astraeus is about to launch and Henry can’t stop it. Poof it’s gone. The greatest scientists of our time are wired into an artificial world that we control. I see a lot of things have changed since I left. Zane gets tasered. Should any of the Astraeus crew threaten to expose the construct, they will be retired. We could all be inside some totally advanced computer construct that just looks like and feels like the real world and we wouldn’t even know it. Poof she’s gone.

Here there be SPOILERS….

Officially, it tears my heart out to think there are only eleven episodes left, including tonight.

Jack and Henry discuss the possibility that Senator Wyn affected the launch. Henry admits that maybe she could do it but you can’t accuse a United States Senator without proof.

Jack tries to get Jo to buy into the Senator Wyn kidnapping plot. They walk it through and it all makes sense. In fact, it all points directly to her because at one point she is the one that made Beverly head of GD when Allison was out of commission. That gave Beverly time to plant a virus! If they find Beverly, they find the crew. Or maybe they just find Beverly standing in the sheriff’s office? (totally random side note – WTH happened to Café Diem? Why are there signs that say “Coming Soon!”? OMG they shot this scene after they pulled the Café Diem set! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Oh wow wow, Beverly tells them the truth! The crew is hooked into a simulation and they think they are four years in the future. What’sthe catch here? She’s spilling all the beans except that she doesn’t know where they are. She and Senator Wyn had a bit of a falling out. Wyn put the crew in jeopardy. Beverly didn’t want to hurt anyone; she only wanted to “borrow their intellect for a while.” She warns them that Wyn’s method of pulling the plug isn’t in the crew’s best interest. She needs their help. The program is glitching and the crew is questioning their reality. I think it’s a baaaad idea but Jack and Jo are going to have to trust Beverly.

On a freighter named “Sharp & Sons Export V” the crew is still plugged into the big glowing blue beds. Zane witnesses his first glitch when a bird gets stuck flying through a rock (much like Vincent walking through the counter last week. One of the show writers has obviously played a lot of first person shooter games).

“Holly dumped me by memo!” Oh poor Fargo! Virtual Jack’s advise, “You’re a catch. There are lots of eccentric geniuses in town who would love to have a shot at you!” How totally insensitive VJack! To say that with Allison right there! The computer has Jack all wrong!

Jack and Jo are now trying to convince Henry that Beverly is legit. The plan – Beverly logs in remotely and disables the engineers view then jacks Henry into the program. Once inside Henry can blow something up (there MUST be an explosion in every episode – it’s in the contract – go look), something large like the virtual Astraeus causing a thermal surge in the processors. This will create a heat signature large enough for them to track and pinpoint their model unit. Jack points out that a scientist will be needed out here if anything goes wrong and Jo is needed for the strike team once they find the crew. So of course this means Jack needs to be jacked into the system.

Jack’s ready to be jacked, he’s got it all written on his hand. Jo, “Carter, think about that for a second.” (Bless his heart! And OMG they are killing me with these looks! It’s like the actors are all saying good bye!) Ok so, they get Jack in the chair and give him final instructions – he’ll be replacing the NPC (non player character) in the construct. The other NPCs will only know something’s up if he tips them off. One last bit of info “you’re dating Jo and raising Allison’s kids” then Zane whacks him in the head with a log.

Jack tries oh so very hard to explain the plan to Zane in a coherent manner while Zane holds a gun in his face. Of course nothing Jack explains makes a lick ‘o sense so it must be the real Jack.

Fargo encounters his first glitch – he tries to drive to the airport to stop Holly from leaving, instead he passes the “Leaving Eureka” sign 4 times.

Jack tries to explain everything to Allison in the med lab at GD but she’s not buying in quite as fast as Zane. In the middle Jo walks in.
Jack’s about to blow the whole thing with his bumbling, (I love this man.) but is able to get Allison out of the lab before Jo suspects. The only way Jack knows to convince Allison is to – aaaaaaaaw – kiss her (I love this man even MORE!). THAT’S the real Jack! So, Zane, Grace and Allison are clued in now.

Oh god. They have to break the news to Fargo about Holly. I think my heart just died again. Sadness.

Grace runs back to the garage to pick up an item. VHenry “really” wants to catch up, as in now. Grace isn’t going anywhere.

Jack and Fargo hit the bunker for stuff but find a… oh crap – a nekkid Jo. Jack peels himself out of her grip and shuffles a gawking Fargo out the door.

Beverly tries to justify herself to Henry but all she gets is a, “their lives are at stake and that’s all I care about right now and it’s the only reason you’re still breathing. And do not ever compare yourself to me again.”

Jack scopes out the Astraeus area while Zane and Fargo assemble the bomb. Down side – they have no remote detonator. Jack’s going to have to detonate it manually. Jack, “How much time between switch flipping and fire ball of destruction?” He gets 10 maybe 12 seconds. No problem. Off he runs.

Inside the Astraeus – Jack plants the device, flips the switch and runs for his life.


The coordinates of the mobile unit are determined. Jo is en route. The bad guys discover that someone is logged in as Wyn. The link with Jack is severed. Inside the matrix is collapsing. Our heroes are running for their lives. The plan is to meet at GD but Jack has to go get Grace. VHenry is about to pull the plug on Grace till she turns the tables with a jolt. VReality is falling apart while VJo attacks Allison. But Allison gets the upper foot and boots VJo into the abyss. Remembering when he got tasered by the Marthas, Zane thinks that if he gets a big enough jolt it will eject him from the VReality.

It works! Zane wakes up in the mobile unit just in time for the Jojo calvalry.

Senator Wyn bursts into Henry’s garage claiming that all of the crew have been recovered dead and that Beverly is responsible. It comes down to a she said – she said war! Who does Henry believe?!? Something clicks in Henry but before he goes with Wynn he sets off a pulse grenade but warns Beverly to duck. Way to go Henry! Sort of – you’re out too ya doof.

The world is getting dangerously small at VGD. As everything begins to fall apart Jack kisses Allison one last time… The Astraeus crewis safely ejected. But what about Jack?!?!

Jo tries to get someone on the mic at the garage. Beverly comes to and talks Zane through. Jack is perched on a railing…

Oh thank you Prometheus! Jack wakes up!

Beverly and Wynn are gone.

Oh god – they never told Fargo. WHY DO YOU KEEP KILLING ME?! Jo, “I’ll hold you up.” Jojo, are you going to hold us all up?

All is almost right in the real world. Grace and Henry look at each other lovingly, Zane and Jo toast over coffee, Allison hugs the heck outta Kevin and Jenna, and everyone from the crew is totally afraid of Andy. (Just don’t ever wear a suit Andy.) There’s only one that has to adjust more.

Senator Wyn wakes locked in a virtual sheriff’s office. Payback is sweet for Beverly.

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