A year ago, the ribbon was cut on Syfy’s ‘Battlestar Galactica Online’. Fans of the internationally popular series were invited to join this free-to-play, browser-based space combat MMOG that takes place during an untold chapter in the latter part of the second season in 2011, and now nearly 10 million players have joined the game. To celebrate, Bigpoint, the game’s developer, has announced that from today until May 6th, they will be handing out in-game gifts and bonuses to their devoted players.

According to Massively, players will need to log in each day to pick up these prizes. In addition to all the free swag, ‘Battlestar Galactica Online’ is increasing the daily merit cap and offering special deals for items available in their shop.

Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hunertz is very excited for the one-year and 10 million player milestones. The executive had this to say in a press release from the company:

“We are thrilled with the tremendous growth of BSGO and how the game has performed over the past year. We’re excited to move forward with this momentum, celebrate our achievements, and reward all of our players in the community who helped us get to this point.”

If you’re a ‘Battlestar Galactica’ fan, and you haven’t checked the game out yet, check out our review of the game, then head over to their official site and choose to be a part of the Cylons or the Colonials during this time of celebration for Syfy, Bigpoint and game-playing ‘Battlestar’ fans everywhere.