Every day we enter numbers – enter them into the ATM, enter them into our phones, into our computers. They don’t mean anything. Or do they?

Warning! SPOILERS….

Numbers are constant until they’re not.
(I can’t do Jake’s intro justice so check it out on Fox)

Last week’s episode ended with them finding Dr. Teller slouched over the steering wheel of his car. I had hoped upon hope that he was just unconscious. I was wrong. Martin sits in a hall holding a funeral program “In Loving Memory.” Teller’s thread hasn’t ended though (threads never end).

Martin finds Dr. Hopkins watching a video, in an office that isn’t hers. The video shows the last few minutes of Teller’s life but the footage has a gap – as Teller approaches room 6 the screen jumps to static. It then shows him setting something down in front of Jake.

Martin and Clea find Jake to retrieve the item. This week, Jake’s number tool is a deck of cards. He’s setting down cards (2 clubs, 2 diamonds, 2 hearts, 2 spades – next row ace clubs, ace diamonds, 4 hearts, 4 clubs) before he can lay down any more cards his dad shows him the funeral program. Jake stops, then lays down a five clubs and Teller’s visitor badge with a key – 1188 is imprinted on the key. Jake then lays out ace spades, ace hearts, 8 spades and 8 clubs –  aces and eights – the dead man’s hand – the hand Wild Bill Hickok was holding before he was shot (technically the hand was reportedly all black so either the writes flubbed with the ace hearts or they did it on purpose. Other unrelated numbers = Hickok died August 2, 1876, in Saloon No. 10 at Deadwood, South Dakota)

Natalie’s Video Blog – Blog #1188 – Natalie thought Paris would fix everything. Her boyfriend, of 6 months, bailed a week before they were to go backpacking in Europe. She goes anyway (flight 225). Her high hopes were to meet someone but instead it rained the entire time forcing her to stay indoors (really girl? You couldn’t toss on some rubbers and grab an umbrella?). While in a hostel she finds a flash drive. And like any curious bored lonely girl she pops it in her computer to take a look (yup, viruses be damned, I would so do that in a heartbeat). It’s a love letter video from a boy named Palo to Celeste, his true love… that he just met. She was gone before he could tell her how he felt so he’s going to hunt her down in NYC for her birthday, March 28 at Café Kismet at 7pm. Of course Celeste has no clue he’s planning this because Natalie found his flash drive. So Natalie’s mission is to use the power of the web to find Celeste and reunite these two love birds.

Martin just walks into Teller’s house and scares the life out of his daughter. (Who does that? I know the man is dead but wouldn’t you stop to think he has family? Martin, sweetie, you need to think before you do things!) He gives her some half baked apology that he thought the key Teller gave him may have been to his house but then found the door open. He introduces himself and mentions Jake. This sets off the red flags for Maggie. She tells Martin about Teller’s first “brain event.” Years ago doctors thought he had a stroke but he wasn’t the same after. He became obsessed with numbers and equations. She didn’t think it was healthy. She was his assistant and tried to help him keep track but couldn’t take it for long. She followed him a few days ago and thinks he has a secret place he keeps his research and the key might fit that door.

Abigail Kelsey, Jake’s aunt, shows up unexpectedly at the center and she’s not on the approved visitor’s list. Interesting. She’s firm but kind. She’s prepared to wait while they contact Martin.

Jake visits the building where his daughter saw him last. He tries the key but it doesn’t work. A window slides open in the door and a guy says “If you want in its a thousand bucks” (really guys? I don’t frequent backdoor casinos but is this really what they look like? Come on!).

A will his being read “I hereby grant and bequeath all property, which includes all 1188 hectares, to my friend… Zeus” LOL He left everything to his horse! His son’s not a happy fella. There’s one stipulation. If his son wants the property he has to ride the horse. You know this isn’t going to go well!

Look who pops up on Natalie’s blog – the Happy Pop Twins! I love these girls! They’re like R2 and 3PO with a heavy splash of Fruity Oaty Bar! They are determined to help Natalie find Celeste! But, oh dear, Natalie is falling for Palo isn’t she? She has “that” look – you know the “I wish he was looking for me” look.

Martin returns to the seedy door with his $1,000. Yup it’s a gambling den. Oh poor Martin, bless his little naïve heart. He is SO out of place.

Clea gives Jake the tablet his aunt brought for him. Instead of playing with the word association game, he flips to solitaire. First cards on the screen – ace hearts, ace diamonds, 8 diamonds, 8 hearts – dead man’s hand again.

Natalie has now gone off the deep end. Team “I Believe In Love” has been born! She wants everyone all around the world to don red hats or scarves and post videos on March 28 so they can all be there for Palo.

Meanwhile, Devon is still trying to just catch Zeus, let alone ride him. This man knows zero about horses. It’s a little painful to watch.

Martin’s dealt 8 spade and 8 hearts as he tries to strike a conversation about Teller. No one wants to talk. His persistence pays off though when the the dealer tells him Arthur always bet on his “numbers.” The flop turns ace diamonds, ace hearts and king diamonds. Not a lucky hand Martin. He loses to a buzz saw – his opponent had a pocket ace. Never bet a dead man’s hand. As the dealer is cashing out the winner, she stops on a $20 bill with “Logan <3 Stacey” written on it. The house manager sees her pause and pulls her from the table. And, of course, Martin takes off after her. He thinks he’s supposed to find her, or this Logan, but he’s not sure why (standard Touch MO. They need to switch this up a bit somehow. It’s getting old.) Martin let’s her know that Teller passed away. She seems to think Logan will want to know. He’s a numbers guy too, a math professor actually.  She doesn’t know where to find him though and doesn’t want to. The last time he was there he won big and bailed. She thought they had a thing. The house thought they had a thing too so they’re making her pay back the money.

Clea finally gets Martin on the phone regarding Abigail. He’s very agitated and adamant about not letting her see Jake.

At the center, Abigail drops the bomb that she’s filed a petition to be Jake’s legal guardian. Her timing couldn’t suck more! Miss money knows that Martin is up for review. They’ve battled before but this time she might win. Martin leaves to find Jake reading advanced mathematic planetary motion equations on the tablet. It’s actually an article, “Finding & Unlocking the Key Sequence 1188,” written by Dr. Logan Coteweiler, the guy that stiffed the dealer, Stacey. And then Jake swipes the screen back to the 1188 solitaire, his way of saying “excuse me Dad but you need to go do something about this.”

Oh no Natalie is breaking my heart! That jerkwad, Daryl, has been telling her that her video blogs aren’t cool and silly. She wants someone like Palo in her life.

Our Aussie, Devon, is STILL trying to nab Zeus. OUCH. It’s gotta hurt to fall from the back of such a big horse. The old ranch hand, Zeke, tries to give him a few tips. First lesson, you smell like the city so you gotta get a little dirty. Cut to the mud pond left. This is looking like they’re going down a Crocodile Dundy road.

Back at the center – Ms. Strepling absolutely loooooves Abigail. Of course she does. pfft She just gave a crap ton of cash to the center. Clea is not impressed. Thank you Clea for sticking up for Martin!

Martin is off to the University to find Professor Logan. Conveniently the door to the professor’s office is not locked. Martin being Martin decides to walk right in… and finds a body on the floor behind a desk. Oh dear. He does the smart thing and calls 911. He picks up the man’s cell phone and sees “Devon Jones 1188.” (how in the hell does Martin NOT get arrested?!?!)

Back to our failing horse whisperer – shirtless and covered in mud he takes another go at Zeus. This time he gets kicked in the chest. In a fit of rage and desperation he gets and chases the horse. I don’t know what’s more gorgeous the ripped, shirtless guy or the Friesian that stepped right out of LadyHawke. Devon collapses in a crying heap of mud and grass cussing out his dead father for all this trouble. His phone rings. It’s Martin. After a brief rundown of the prof’s situation, passed out on the floor, Devon explains that the Professor is diabetic. He tells Martin that his insulin is in the fridge behind the desk. After a quick injection, the professor starts to wake up.

Natalie wakes up to a flood of ubber positive videos telling her not to give up on love. Love is NOT silly. And she found Celeste, well actually a guy in Brazil found THE phone (the phone that’s been in every episode so far) and on IT is a video of Celeste. She says she’s fallen in love and will be seeing him again on her birthday. (I’m thinking she doesn’t mean Palo).

Professor Logan tells Martin that he and his partner, failing horse whisperer, were using Teller’s “Amelia sequence” to play cards. He’s absolutely amazed by it. It’s a deterministic algorithm, probability distilled to its essence.  It’s the perfect equation for playing Texas Hold’em. He had gone into debt testing the theory but once he figured it out he won the money back. During all this game playing he fell in love with the dealer. He stayed away from Stacey because he knew the pit bosses were on to him and he didn’t want them to think she was involved. Oops, that didn’t work. He’s upset to find out they are making Stacey pay it back. He’s got a mad plan to use the last $50 grand to win the $200 grand to pay them back. But he needs a partner, since his is in Australia playing with a horse named Zeus, he makes a deal with Martin – he’ll tell him what the key goes to if Martin helps him win the money. Martin can’t say no.

With a simple cough/hair swipe system (really? That’s your system? I’m a wee baby Texas H player and I’d see that a mile away! Come on writers – your audience is smarter than that) in place, they head across town to a high stakes $25 grand buy-in game. (Side note – the tables are full of real players not actors. I’m not up on all of their names but I recognize their faces. Who’s got the names? I know you gotta know them! Drop ‘em in the comments below.) Martin is dealt ace hearts and 8 diamonds. His opponent gets king and 10 hearts. His partner, Logan, gets a pair of jacks, spades and clubs. Logan swipes his hair telling Martin to fold. Martin stays in. The flop gives everyone 8 spades, 10 clubs and king diamonds. That gives their opponent 10’s and kings – pretty good hand so he raises. Again, Logan swipes his hair. And holy crap – Martin is All In. His opponent calls. Cards are shown. Next card turned – jack hearts. Ok Martin has GOT to win. Ace on the river! Martin wins!

Aaaaaaw, Zeus gooses Devon in the butt. And then he allows Devon to put the bridle on him. Happiest moment of Devon’s life. (Um, for not having ever ridden a horse, Devon does pretty darn well bareback.)

Logan and Martin meet Stacey over lunch to give her back the money. She takes the money but is still pretty pissed. As Logan begs for a chance to explain the waitress brings Martin’s change. It’s that “Logan <3 Stacey” bill! “I meant it when I wrote it and I mean it now!” He then rips the $20 in half, hands a piece to her and tells her he eats there every morning before class. She leaves still looking angry. (Stacey! What are you doing?! This is a sign! Y’all are meant to be together! You seriously need to watch Natalie’s blog!)

Logan keeps his end of the bargain and tells Martin there is a big door covered in iron work just up the street. He thinks that’s where Teller’s been going. As Martin goes to leave he passes behind Nicole filming – ZOMG! They were eating at Café Kismet! And It’s Celeste’s birthday, March 28! All kinds of people are showing up with red scarves or red hats! Folks are freaking out to see Natalie there. She’s a celebrity! And SURPRISE there’s Palo! He’s been watching her blog so he knows what she’s been doing. He admits he isn’t there to find Celeste. He’s there to find Natalie! (OMG I think my heart just went 2 tons girlie!!) He thinks she’s the best person on the planet for trying to help him. Everyone cheers! See! Love isn’t silly.

Martin finds the door.

Devon learns that the station (that’s Australian for farm) has value but he knows he can’t stay. He belongs in the city. He hands it over to Zeke.

When the waitress brings Logan his coffee there’s the other half of the $20. (Good girl Stacey!)

Clea is looking at that piece of video again. This time she sees what Teller saw – the girl in the wheel chair.

Martin walks down a hall. Some nicely dressed Jewish men watch as he stops in front of room 1188. This time the key opens the door. Inside is the room with Teller’s studies. You see, the thread doesn’t end just because we do. Martin adds 1188 to the number sequence on a chalkboard.


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