This episode ends with quite a shocking twist! Spoilers ahead!

Sisters...sisters...there were never such devoted sisters...

We pick up the story at Jane’s funeral, following Cassie as she greets mourners in a dreamlike fog. Diana and Cassie are the only two who know they’re sisters at the moment. Cassie tells Diana she’d be happy to have her as a sibling, but Diana just walks away. Awkward! Blackwell has told the Circle that witch hunters killed Jane. Jake is furious and wants revenge, making a bit of a scene at the wake. Dawn tells Blackwell that she could help him find the witch hunters if only she had her powers back, but he brushes her off. I’m not really a fan of Dawn, but even I hate to see her pandering to Blackwell at every opportunity. Madam, you are a sly and deviously clever vixen, so act like one!

Cassie takes a break from mourning and Adam follows her into her bedroom. She laments that Jane was the only thing she had left of her mom. Sad, lonely, and still harboring feelings for him, Cassie kisses Adam passionately. She immediately apologizes, and when Blackwell comes to check on her, Adam takes off.  Cassie switches to being angry and confronts John for fathering Diana – he claims he only slept with Elizabeth once. Cassie has a renewed sense of determination to find the crystals and destroy the witch hunters. So…Blackwell’s off the hook, then? Cassie doesn’t seem to be able to stay upset with him for very long, which is a big change from the way she distrusted him when he first arrived to town.

Diana returns home to find Charles and asks if it’s possible for Blackwell to be her father. Charles admits that he and his wife separated for a few weeks. Defiantly, he tells Diana that he raised her and he is her father, not Blackwell.  He worries aloud that Blackwell will try to manipulate her with this new information.

Jake and Faye with perfect action hair

Adam, Cassie, Melissa and Blackwell use their crystals to pinpoint the location of the last two pieces. The map shows one crystal to be in Jake’s house, which happens to be where Jake and Faye are getting it on. They had stolen a bottle of what Faye thought were “happy pills” from Dawn’s purse, but as Faye pops off the top of the pill bottle, there’s a surprise – her family crystal has been inside it all along. Faye and Jake rejoin the others with the crystal, which has been somehow depleted of power (Faye claims she “tested it out”). Since she is unresponsive to texts or calls, Cassie visits Diana. Everyone’s power is required to recharge Faye’s crystal, but Diana is wary of anything that Blackwell tells them to do.

Last on the list is Adam’s family crystal. Melissa and Adam search for clues to its location in his grandfather’s house, and he tells Melissa about the kiss with Cassie. It seems to have had a strong effect on him – is the elixir losing its power? Adam is acting just the tiniest bit like his old Cassie-worshipping self, which makes me think it is. Adam then finds a coin that his grandfather always kept with him. He is able to cloak it the way his grandfather used to, but then doesn’t know how to uncloak it.

Diana joins Cassie, Jake, and Faye and drops the bomb that Blackwell is her father. As they talk a strange wind builds in the clubhouse, which spins the table that the crystal is sitting on. As they watch, the crystal is sucked through the table and into the ground. Jake is convinced that witch hunters stole it using the magic of the traitor witch who’s helping them. He wants to ask Isaac for help. When Cassie wants to run the plan by her dad, Diana refuses. She doesn’t want to involve him in their Circle. If I was a teen witch I wouldn’t want to always ask my friend’s dad for permission to do stuff either. Add to that the fact that we still don’t quite know if Blackwell is good or bad, and I’m more on Diana’s side than Cassie’s at this point.

A teen named Ian meets Jake, Diana, Faye and Cassie in the woods as Isaac’s representative. He tells Jake that Eben killed Isaac. Diana recognizes Ian as the person who chloroformed her at the Halloween party. Cassie confronts Ian, accusing him of killing her grandmother. In her defense, Ian is smug and snarky and doesn’t deny killing Jane (even though the audience knows it was Blackwell). Her fury builds and she chokes him with her magic, well on her way to killing him until Diana commands her to stop. Jake asks Ian who the witch traitor was, but Ian doesn’t know. He just knows that Eben killed Isaac because he wouldn’t kill the traitor on Eben’s orders.

Diana tells Cassie that they’re very different, and that she would never use dark magic. Well, isn’t someone a goody-two-shoes? Adam and Melissa uncloak the coin by reading the words engraved on it. It also reveals everything his grandfather ever cloaked. Melissa suggests consulting the map again to find the crystal.

Charles punches Blackwell in a confrontation about Diana. He plans to take her as far away from Chance Harbor as possible. Dawn realizes that her pill bottle and crystal are missing. Later, Blackwell asks for Dawn’s help keeping Diana in town. Dawn promises to talk to Charles.

Jake, Faye, Diana and Cassie hunt down the stolen crystal at Hudson Fields, which is apparently a broken down carnival/amusement park. Despite Diana’s growing hostility, she and Cassie team up together to search.

Dawn visits Charles to change his mind about leaving town. He thinks Blackwell is building his own teen witch army to do his bidding. Dawn is also worried that she’s losing Faye since discovering that Faye took her crystal to Blackwell. Dawn wants Charles’ help in stopping Blackwell. Is this yet another ruse on her part? We’ve seen before that Dawn does truly care about Faye, and the thought of losing her might be enough to make her turn on Blackwell. On the other hand, her old crush on him has made her blind and dumb before. Dawn is still a mystery to me.

Ian, another casualty

At the park, Jake and Faye find the dead body of Ian propped in front of a ride with his throat slit. Together they turn on the electricity, starting the ride, which contains the bodies of several more witch hunters.  Jake theorizes that the traitor witch must be there, ready to kill witches and witch hunters alike. They break into teams again (what a terrible idea!) and Jake and Faye follow a blood trail. Diana worries that Cassie is letting dark magic take control of her. Their sister session is interrupted by seeing what they think is the traitor stumble out of a building. They chase him. Faye and Jake find where the traitor has been staying, and with it a picture of Jake’s parents. This is all a lead-up to the big shocker. Cassie has the chance to kill the traitor with a spear but doesn’t, knocking him over instead. As she and Diana catch up to the traitor, we get a glimpse of his face – it’s NICK! He looks pretty haggard and rough – has he been raised from the dead? Or was he somehow resuscitated when no one else was around?

We’ll have to wait until next week for any more answers, but in the meantime, what did you think of this shocking episode?

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