If the news of a new ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer to be shown before ‘The Avengers’ movie was enough to get you excited about the final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy then we have more great material for you!

Promo art photos have arrived thanks to Superhero Hype! Although the artwork is not from any scene in the movie, the detail of Batman and Bane is simply impressive. All the artwork features Christian Bale as Batman in various poses and one squaring off with Bane. I particularly like the one with the Batpod! If Warner Bros. decides to make posters out of these promo art images, I would certainly be in line to buy them!

Another great tidbit is that there is going to be over an hour of IMAX footage in this film! So if you can, this may be one movie worth spending a few extra bucks to see in an IMAX theater.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ won’t be in theaters until July, so in the meantime enjoy the promo art!

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ hits theaters July 20th and stars Christian Bale, Michael, Garly, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway , Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard and Liam Neeson.