With ‘Daredevil’ boasting a number of Emmy nominations, including Main Title design, Sound Editing and Visual Effects, it was only a matter of time until the production companies responsible for the amazing show started strutting their stuff. So it is no surprise that Shade VFX has released a VFX breakdown for the epic fight scene where Daredevil (Matt Murdock) was pitted against the ninja Nobu. (NOTE: the action takes place mid-season of ‘Daredevil’ season 1, so if you have not finished the season, there are SPOILERS ahead).

The majority of the clip is the fight scene itself, though weirdly shown in out of order chunks, with the very end showing the VFX that went into the scene, utilizing fast swipes and side-by side comparison shots to reveal what was digital and what was actually shot on set. It is very interesting to see how much of the fight was enhanced through the VFX, including amount and color of Murdock’s blood, many shots of Nobu’s chained weapon, not to mention a lot of the parts where Nobu’s blade slices through Matt’s clothing and cuts him, which makes so much more sense to do visually. I enjoy filmmakers who realize the potential for subtle VFX, as I honestly never thought the scene would contain much in the way of visual effects, but in retrospect it makes perfect sense to do blood and crazy weapons in post production.

Check out the full video for yourself below, and then let us know in the comments your opinion of how the VFX in ‘Daredevil’ were handled!

Show Synopsis:

It’s time to let the devil out. Marvel’s Daredevil is here to clean up the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Lawyer by day, street-level hero by night, Matt Murdock is on a mission to make his city a better place against an underground terror within the city.