If the video ad for David 8 wasn’t enough to give you all kinds of nerdgasms for the upcoming ‘Prometheus’ movie, then maybe these new posters and photos from Weyland Industries will!

Last week a poster of the USCSS Prometheus surfaced detailing some of the ship’s features. Now we have one for the RTO1Transport and the Med Pod 720i (where Shaw (Noomi  Rapace) will be spending some time).

Also released were some photos from inside the Prometheus ship for you technical fans. The posters and photos are a great way to bring another level of involvement for the movie fan as it heightens the “reality” of the movie into ours. The fan is drawn deeper into Scott’s world which will make seeing the film all the richer. As these technological vehicles are supposed to be the precursor to the Nostradamus used in the movie ‘Alien,’ the designs should look somewhat familiar to ‘Alien’ fans. Scott has said there would be strands of ‘Alien’ DNA in ‘Prometheus’ and as more and more content comes out, we can see that Scott was true to his word.

So what do you think of the ‘Prometheus’/Weyland Industries viral campaign? Does it make you more excited to see the film?


 (This is one of the “ancient” star chart artifacts)

Source: Bleeding Cool, Collider