Yes, fans, the time has come where we now must begin to say goodbye to the citizens of Eureka. In what will be a bittersweet season, ‘Eureka’ will begin its swan song tonight on the Syfy Channel.

The series has been a big hit for the cable channel receiving increasing ratings numbers each year. In fact, last season recorded their highest numbers of the show’s history. Premiering in 2006 when the Syfy Channel was still called Sci Fi, the show became the doorway for other original scripted shows such as ‘Warehouse 13.’

If you are wondering how this last season will pan out, ‘Eureka’s’ co-creator Jaime Paglia has described the final season as “a love letter to…fans.”

The premiere episode that airs tonight picks up where last season’s finale (‘One Giant Leap’) left off with Allison stuck on Astraeus ship as it lifted off. In our sneak peak, we see Allison and the crew frantically trying to regain control of the ship.

And to really get you excited for tonight, Colin Ferguson (who plays Sheriff Jack Carter) had this to say about what we’ll see tonight:

“It is crazy! We find out what really happened to the Astraeus and the story steamrolls from there. We’ve got an unexpected villain, scenarios that are real and not real, people existing or not existing. It’s all about the trick of being human in a world where you can replicate everything. And on top of that we’ve got a badass dragon coming! I think the season premiere is the best episode we’ve ever done. We went a million dollars over budget on that hour — it’s that gorgeous — then we all had to suffer for it during the remaining episodes. [Laughs] But it was worth the pain.”

Take a look at the sneak peak below and don’t forget to read our recap of the episode titled ‘Lost’ tomorrow !

‘Eureka’ premieres tonight, April 16th, in the US on the Syfy Channel starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT and on May 16th in the UK.

‘Eureka’ Sneak Peak – Lost: